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  • The adaptation is not capricious.
  • What does this adaptation consist in?
  • As circumstances vary, the adaptation must be modified.
  • NM: introd., adaptation of original text & revisions.
  • Purpose, Adaptation to, Taught by Plants, 21.
  • And the adaptation must be one not only of form but of spirit.
  • An adaptation of circumstances to designs and principles is necessary.
  • Nature shows plentiful examples of the adaptation of means to ends.
  • What is said of the adaptation of animal and vegetable food to man?
  • But the two fundamental needs are (1) adaptation and (2) co-operation.
  • This in turn was a natural adaptation of that developed in New Spain.
  • It means, first, the adaptation of the New England farmer to his markets.

How To Use Adaptation In A Sentence?

  • Is there an adaptation of the bones of the system to the offices they are required to perform?
  • State some of the effects of the gradual adaptation of the system to different temperatures.
  • It has been found in the adaptation to Indian requirements of the well-known Raffeisen system.
  • They gradually evolved into successively higher and higher organisms by means of adaptation to their environment.
  • We need not dwell on the admirable adaptation of the ant-eater to its position and to its few and simple wants.
  • Another special adaptation of the telephone transmitter is that for use of telephone operators at central-office switchboards.
  • He studies the animal and endeavors to learn what are the best foods for it and what laws govern its adaptation to human food.
  • By adaptation is meant such development of agriculture as shall more fully utilize existing physical and commercial conditions.
  • Now the difference between a machine and a mass of matter is simply in the adaptation of parts to act harmoniously for definite ends.
  • From some want of adaptation not depending upon intellectual power, he is inferior as a thief to his inferiors.
  • Here we may see the admirable harmony between the different parts of the body, and the adaptation of all the functions to each other.
  • His excellence is facility of adaptation and of transition through many related points, to wide contrasts and extremes.
  • He pours forth many sensible remarks and more good feelings, but the law of adaptation seems wanting.
  • A description of the manner in which the Lenox work is arranged will illustrate the adaptation of the system to its circumstances.
  • Without a concurrence and adaptation of these to the design, the very best speculative projects might become not only useless, but mischievous.
  • And here we have not, as in the lower types, an adaptation of the old water-breathing organs, but an entirely new apparatus.
  • Jesus proved the perfect adaptation and suitability of human nature for showing forth that which is the essential glory of Deity.
  • Who could look upon the adaptation of the eye to light without seeing in It the result of intelligent design?
  • This nice adaptation of the dialogue to the various characters, therefore, offers scope for good acting, and gets it.
  • This principle of adaptation is the industrial key to future agricultural development in New England.
  • This Spanish-Moorish adaptation is the most characteristic and harmonious development of Californian architecture.
  • This is the result of the diminished sensibility of the nervous system, and gradual adaptation of the organs to blood of a less stimulating character.
  • Such is the involuntary adaptation to example and environment, which establishes in the depths below personality a self which becomes hereafter the determinant of action.
  • Other inquirers visit subterranean caverns, and discover animals and plants whose organs have been transformed by adaptation to their gloomy environment.
  • It seems never to have been a castle built of stone, but an adaptation of the primitive savage idea of surrounding a position with water and palisading it.
  • Chemical affinity is adequate to the explanation of chemical compounds however complicated, but it cannot offer any explanation for the adaptation of parts which make a machine.
  • Many of the subjects in the list below will need some adaptation to fit them to local conditions; and these will undoubtedly suggest many others of a similar nature.
  • The species which, by natural selection and adaptation have fitted themselves to the environment are, as a rule, the trees which will do best in that locality.

Definition of Adaptation

(uncountable) The process of adapting something or becoming adapted to a situation; adjustment, modification. | (countable) A change that is made or undergone to suit a condition or environment. | (uncountable, evolutionary theory) The process of change that an organism undergoes to be better suited to its environment.
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