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  • Most of the adaptations are based on this translation.
  • Size and coloration are adaptations to habitat.
  • All these innovations were simply adaptations from Mozart.
  • See also adaptations in collections of Bible Stories.
  • All our confidences and our accustomed adaptations are destroyed.
  • Hundreds of such embryonic adaptations are known to embryologists.
  • Bionomics: the habits, breeding and adaptations of living forms.
  • We must, therefore, look to see new adaptations of the same useful qualities.
  • Fresh adaptations of "Orpheus and Eurydice" and of "Alceste" were produced.

How To Use Adaptations In A Sentence?

  • These were explained as adaptations and as falsifications of the ancestral records.
  • These relays and other adaptations of the electromagnet will be discussed more fully later on.
  • All these curious, special adaptations are described under the respective genera.
  • This is the fact that adaptations so often run counter to direct or obvious mechanical conditions.
  • Her story remarks are either literal quotations or adaptations of her actual every day responses.
  • Arboreal adaptations of Peromyscus with special reference to use of the tail.
  • For a long time Ben-Zayb continued to use adaptations of it, and with him all Manila.
  • The evidence for this is furnished by the cunning contrivances and beneficent adaptations of nature.
  • Colonial governments are of necessity adaptations of familiar domestic institutions to new functions.
  • Contemporary mystics have invented adaptations of the world that take us back to the mythology of early times.
  • It is possible that they are adaptations of older tales, but there is no reason to think that they are of high antiquity.
  • Without these special adaptations to a life of hardship, the conifers would never have held their own as they have done.
  • Following the invention of the stock-reporting instrument there were several adaptations made of the printing telegraph for private-line purposes.
  • The wider adaptations of steam power and the establishment of free trade enriched its capitalists and merchants beyond the dreams of their fathers.
  • There are, however, certain adaptations of the telephone transmitter which make a maximum degree of sensitiveness desirable.
  • All the divine attributes, all human happiness, converge in male and female adaptations to mutual enjoyments.
  • Fast as the relations of man multiply, and the modifications of property extend, must the corresponding adaptations of the law run alongside.
  • The constitution itself was federalist, but with many adaptations of French institutions in so far as the central government was concerned.
  • This is possible because the plants that can be grown under the most adverse conditions have special structures and adaptations with regard to periods of growth and rest or dormancy.
  • In the later Semitic adaptations of these productions, it is significant to note, this conventional reference was altered to "male and female".
  • These adaptations from the collections of Romero and others are an excellent introduction to the Portuguese folk lore of Brazil.
  • The conquerors built amphitheaters throughout the island, but their theaters were in almost every instance merely enlargements or adaptations of older structures.
  • The marvellous adaptations of living beings to their conditions had long been felt, and the study of the purposes of these adaptations had inspired many a magnificent conception.
  • There has been an upheavel affecting the basis of things; to altered circumstances complicated adaptations are to be made; there are difficulties great and novel.
  • At least, may we not group under this head, changes and adaptations to new conditions which these animals succeed in applying to the typical plans of their construction?
  • Such adaptations do not please one, but then it must be allowed and recollected that one is very hard to please: finding fault is so easy, and doing right so difficult!

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plural of adaptation
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