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  • This Mass seemed well adapted to my purpose.
  • Either carbon or metal plates are adapted for use in such vacuum devices.
  • It was such a big, broad shoulder, so amply adapted to the bearing of burdens.
  • Cartwright's loom was not the first design adapted for weaving by power.

How To Use Adapted In A Sentence?

  • His shop is most admirably adapted to the articles the effect of which he desires to heighten.
  • The device is adapted to mount on a pole or elsewhere and to be covered by a protecting cap.
  • And perhaps the peculiar style of her education was the one best adapted to her disposition.
  • His boots, he noted, were not adapted to walking as they pinched in the toes and instep.
  • It was a small vessel, mounting two guns, not at all adapted for ocean navigation.
  • Cut into shreds, it makes excellent cordage, being especially adapted for wheel-ropes.
  • The chipmunks which moved into these ice-free areas, then, became adapted to the new habitats.
  • It was here that Ben Jolly adapted the slow, striking music to the progress of the story.
  • These are of importance to the spinner owing to the necessity of his cleaning machinery being adapted to the condition of the cotton.
  • Yet it can hardly be said to have considered the forms of thought which are best adapted for the expression of facts.
  • The glass which is adapted to distant objects takes away the vision of what is near and present to us.
  • I have known the red cloth of the typical lama's robe adapted to these purposes.
  • The armature carries a contact spring adapted to close the local circuit of a lamp whenever it is attracted.
  • All such illustrations are better adapted to darken and confound the subject, than to throw light upon it.
  • At each station there is a relay winding adapted to be operated by the ringing current bridged across the line in series with a condenser.
  • Now there are several very good reasons why this method, adapted from sailing vessels, is useless when it comes to a balloon.
  • This view of the nature of virtue is admirably adapted to make it agree and harmonize with the scheme of necessity; but it is not a sound view.
  • The one at the left shows the simple shunt, adapted to short-circuit the generator at all times save when it is in operation.
  • Offspring fall away, the birth rate falls and falls most among just the most efficient and active and best adapted classes in the community.
  • The polarized bell or ringer is, as has been stated, the device which is adapted to respond to the currents sent out by the magneto generator.
  • Having marked out the path of duty for us, he has made such a distribution of natural good and evil as is adapted to keep us therein.
  • These levers have at their outer end a curved rack provided with gear teeth adapted to engage a worm or screw thread mounted on the ringer frame.
  • For example, style which may be excellently adapted to a theological essay, may be but ill-suited for a dialogue in a novel.
  • Energizing the relay lights the lamp, and the reverse; the lamp is thus isolated from danger and receives the current best adapted to its needs.
  • Evidently such a coil, however connected, is well adapted for high impedance, on account of the low reluctance of its core.
  • In general, however, they are adapted to do exactly the same sort of switching operations as that of which the device of Fig.
  • They are leathery, woolly, thorny, and sticky, adapted rather for arid circumstances than to rejoice the eye.
  • This important feature, and the fact that the internal resistance is low, make this cell well adapted for all forms of heavy open-circuit work.
  • And there was Besten, a sea-faring people who adapted easily to naval warfare with a force numbering one hundred thousand men.
  • The beauty which nature lavishes so prodigally does not bring any satisfaction, if the person is not adapted to it and as it were deserves and overcomes it.
  • The earliest and most widely used visible signal in telephone practice was the annunciator, having a shutter adapted to fall when the magnet is energized.
  • Nevertheless, it occasioned her some surprise, whenever she had time to think of it, to note the speed with which she had adapted herself to the facts.
  • He had risen to the circumstances as fast as nature would permit, and adapted himself right on the spur of the moment to an entirely new outlook on the future.
  • When grounded circuits were the rule rather than the exception, many of the switchboards were particularly adapted for their use and could not be used with metallic-circuit lines.
  • The wiring of this set is arranged for a common-battery system, inasmuch as this arrangement of signaling circuit is more especially adapted for common-battery working.
  • The number of different kinds of arrangements and combinations is legion, and we will here illustrate only an example of a four-party line ringing key adapted for harmonic ringing.

Definition of Adapted

Having been subject to an alteration or change to fit a different circumstance or medium. | simple past tense and past participle of adapt
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