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  • This Pericles had, in addition to a great natural genius.
  • In addition all the best civilian aviators are held at disposal.
  • In addition to which there was a profit and loss account of $762,298.
  • And one penny in addition on each letter for every 100 miles beyond 300.
  • In addition there are many short papers in the Manchester public library.
  • Mr. Worsaae's book is in all ways a valuable addition to our literature....

How To Use Addition In A Sentence?

  • There is in addition a certain regularity in properties of the elements in each family.
  • There was the significant addition that the application would nevertheless be renewed.
  • By just such a process must come each principal addition to his stock of concepts.
  • In addition to these causes of scarcity there are others well known to sportsmen.
  • It is presumed that this activity was in addition to normal movements made while foraging.
  • Then you make in addition to this the health foods, and your bills are sky high up.
  • In addition to the information conveyed, the letter contained an invitation which delighted me.
  • He was well-to-do, and his house and firing and lighting were given him in addition to high wages.
  • Every friendly addition to the British ranks was of value now that war had begun.
  • A day or two more, without some addition of these articles, would see us depleted.
  • In addition to all this, when I went to them, I knew that my visit gave pleasure.
  • In addition to all which, there is the intervention and activity of the great tempter and destroyer.
  • The addition of more hydrochloric acid will convert some of the bismuth hydroxide into bismuth chloride.
  • It has no positive and additional teaching of its own: no addition to the burden of life and experience.
  • The reason for the addition of sulphuric acid to water in the preparation of oxygen and hydrogen by electrolysis will now be clear.
  • In addition to which, he fried ham twice for them when they hinted that they were still hungry after devouring everything before them.
  • And in addition to strength it possessed more natural stability, a much sought after quality in the pioneer days.
  • In addition to our nets and snares we had a primitive fowling-piece, though we only used it when other methods failed.
  • The addition of hydrochloric acid in considerable quantity will, however, redissolve the precipitate.
  • In addition to the tracks which follow the lie of the valleys, footpaths cross the main ranges where foothold can be obtained.
  • I was evidently a welcome addition to the party, and the old woman cuddled me in like a meal-sack beside her.
  • In addition to the two elements present in binary acids, the great majority of acids also contain oxygen.
  • The reaction may be started, however, by the addition of a few drops of a solution of copper sulphate or platinum tetrachloride.
  • Each carried a rifle in addition to a pair of Colt automatics and a heavy sheath knife stuck in his belt.
  • In addition to his high standing as a publisher, he was a man of great practical energy, which flowed into various fields of activity.
  • In addition to these he had manlier accomplishments, playing good games of tennis, golf, and shuffle-board.
  • Accordingly, he proceeded to use up that money in building a considerable addition to the house, with the idea of taking boarders and getting rich.
  • In addition to possessing these worthy ideals, it is perhaps not unfair to state that Ficklin was personally ambitious.
  • In addition to the 4,800 a year, other negroes might be imported at a duty of 16-2/3 dollars each, thus encouraging larger importations.
  • In addition to nursing her husband, she had to manage the rampageous Bran, a domestic crisis brought about by a servant strike, and an ice famine.
  • She was paying an extravagantly high bounty, and it presently began to look as if by this addition to our expenses we were now probably living beyond our income.
  • In addition to conspicuous personal bravery, he had an eagle eye for piercing through the designs of an enemy and for detecting at a glance all their weak points.
  • Probably the addition of a "fuselage" or body to the modern airplane has had something to do with helping in the proper distribution of its weight and increasing its stability.
  • Such a locally-separable principle is an addition which is due to the analogy of mechanical movement, where a detached agent sets in motion and directs the machinery.

Definition of Addition

(uncountable) The act of adding anything. | Anything that is added. | (uncountable) The arithmetic operation of adding.
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