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  • The addition of a mulch helps.
  • The addition of a few per cent.
  • The addition of tin promotes the reduction.
  • The addition of some tin promotes the reduction.
  • After the addition of 0.5 grm.
  • The addition of tin promotes the reduction.
  • Seasoning and the addition of vegetables cause it to sour.
  • The addition of tin hastens the reaction.
  • The addition of a religious oath is permissible.
  • The addition of tin promotes the reduction.
  • The same, with the addition of powdered bark.
  • All cakes are improved by the addition of a pinch of salt.
  • By the addition of lime-water or bicarbonate of soda.
  • All dress as before, with the addition of the mantles.
  • The mere addition of charcoal largely disinfects it.
  • The beer has become flat by the addition of ice.
  • The addition of 5 or 10 per cent.
  • The addition of cream very much improves this sauce.
  • The froth is removed prior to the addition of the acid.
  • This solution becomes milky by the addition of water.
  • With the addition of that final word her face grew arch.
  • This colour changes to green upon the addition of water.
  • With the addition of the trout, their meal was ample.
  • By the addition of more of the acid, it becomes opaque.
  • It consists in the addition of one part of 6 per cent.
  • See the addition of Schultz.
  • The author found that the addition of 1.5 p.p.m.
  • Note the addition of an "eighth" emperor in ver.
  • The addition of the words "in a horn" justify a falsehood.
  • NM: revisions of text & addition of all illus.
  • With an addition of the alkali behaves as lime.
  • Presently the volume of the music was increased by the addition of a banjo.
  • The addition of gruels to milk for all infants is not to be recommended.
  • I held out for some time for the addition of a footstone at least.
  • The addition of water causes a precipitate in this solution.
  • Precipitate the caseinogen by the addition of acetic acid and filter.
  • An addition of ten more squadrons is recommended for this purpose.
  • It is produced by the addition of some previously fermented milk.
  • He repeated this last sentence with the addition of violent adverbs.

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  • Similar results were obtained on the addition of ammonia to electrolytic hypochlorite.
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