Additional In A Sentence

Definition of Additional

Supplemental or added to something. | Something added.

How To Use Additional In A Sentence?

  • An idea is not an additional and intervening object of our knowledge or supposed knowledge.
  • It is to be expected that additional specimens will show variations not yet observed.
  • I shall not dwell upon it here, but content myself with a few additional remarks.
  • A large number of additional notes are now supplied, but still much has had to be left unexplained.
  • If found to be justified by the facts, they will furnish some additional aid in the work of deciphering these manuscripts.
  • These additional funds are not printed into existence, but must be won from others in the closed source system.
  • The front portion is covered with sheet metal giving additional strength and reducing the head resistance.
  • Here was a gain of 33,000 square miles without any statement whatever in explanation of how this additional territory had been acquired.
  • In this case there comes in the additional absurdity of putting essential and universal provisions in one class with the particular detail.
  • If that time came within twenty days, an additional two thousand dollars was to be given to the winner.
  • Licensor shall not be bound by any additional provisions that may appear in any communication from You.
  • There was no reproach conveyed by the word; the additional association, if any, was only that of rhetorician or teacher.
  • Hadji is affecting to be stone deaf, so he no longer interprets for sick people, which creates an additional difficulty.
  • The demand for labour was considerable, and as time went on additional supplies could be enticed only with the offer of better pay.
  • Within the passage additional arches may be seen, inserted to strengthen the arcade at the commencement of the later work and in other places.
  • Usually, three digitate processes of cartilaginous material in which additional ossifications may occur arise from the terminus of the shaft.
  • Nay, what was worse, the very darkness seemed to give it additional power, and to multiply its terrors.
  • His letters are vivacious and characteristic, and the pen-and-ink drawings with which his text was embellished gave them additional interest.
  • So, again, religion does not supervene upon an already existing political and moral system and invest it with an additional sanction.
  • This presents the additional problem, how to connect a line terminating before one operator to a line normally terminating before another operator.
  • It is necessary, however, to point out certain facts that may be regarded as additional argument to what was said in chap.
  • The silky-coated moles in their runs offer more serious work, and being most successfully practised at night, offers an additional charm.
  • The additional 7.94 parts of oxygen present in hydrogen dioxide are therefore easily evolved, the compound breaking down into water and oxygen.
  • Hiram Todd sketched lightly the prospects which were opening to him in additional work in Washington.
  • The Brazilian government sent him a gold medal and an additional L5,000 with which to build new balloons.
  • In fact, Mahomedans have the additional grievance that the laws of the Transvaal discriminate by name against those of their faith.
  • But there is an additional and a different species of power conferred by knowledge when it exists as the distinction of a few individuals in the midst of general ignorance.
  • An additional advantage incident to their use for this purpose is that an overload on a circuit in which they are placed is visibly indicated by the glowing of the lamp.
  • In the course of seventy years it had passed through the hands of several owners, each of whom had built on an additional box according to his needs.
  • He renewed the alliance with the chief of Subuth, by making him additional presents, and undertook to conquer the king of Mauthan.
  • But he had not the same gift for finance as for salesmanship, and took little joy in his new honors; except for the additional increase in his salary.
  • Lois, who had passionately rebelled against the prospect of additional motherhood, exhibited a not unusual phase of it now in as passionately adoring this second boy.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Additional | Additional Sentence

  • Also together with additional matter.
  • The following list indicates any additional changes.
  • Aengus then imposed additional names upon his brothers.
  • A few turns more would provide the additional thirty ohms.
  • With additional matter, now published for the first time.
  • It was not difficult by that time to sell the additional stock in the company.
  • Give two additional examples (a) of chemical changes; (b) of physical changes.
  • Deciphered, with additional notes, by the Rev. Mynors Bright, M.A. . . .

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