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  • I will adduce but one more example.
  • Of this superstition I may here adduce some examples.
  • The first we shall adduce is the collector, the individual robbed.

How To Use Adduce In A Sentence?

  • It is noticeable that he did not adduce any reason why the night had changed her.
  • This is not the place to argue the feasibility of the plea, or to adduce arguments against it.
  • The evidence we adduce is your own evidence, that of books of travel in all lands and countries.
  • We might adduce a hundred examples of the truth of this remark, but one or two must suffice.
  • The next anecdote that I shall adduce is similar in its nature to the last .
  • I could adduce fifty passages from the Greeks and others to prove my position, but it is needless.
  • Canst thou adduce more, or better, authorities in behalf of the miracles of the New Testament?
  • And he proudly essayed to convince them that it was so, but the evidence that he could adduce was very slight.
  • After the testimony of so able an observer it is unnecessary to adduce further examples of the protective colours of desert animals.
  • This is one reason, but there are others which we might adduce if one good one were not sufficient.
  • I might adduce further testimony of the value of electricity in recent cases of rheumatism, were it necessary to do so.
  • This landmark is so indisputable, that it would be wholly superfluous to adduce any arguments or authority in its support.
  • We will now adduce a few cases in which beetles imitate other insects, and insects of other orders imitate beetles.
  • And, besides the few instances here cited, we might adduce many hundred examples of a similar kind.
  • Warton fancied that it had been translated or paraphrased from the Provencal, but could adduce no proof that it had.
  • Elephant-trainers, too, adduce instances that almost pass the line of distinction between intuitive prudence and the results of reflection.
  • These well-known facts we adduce simply as a proof of the immense mechanical power possessed by steam when enclosed within a limited area.
  • But through the influence of their teacher, necessity, the ego instincts soon learn to adduce some qualification to the principle of pleasure.
  • For the sake of others, however, it may be well to adduce a few facts, and present a few brief considerations.
  • Many instances might also be given of strange and inconsequent reasoning; but I shall only adduce the following.
  • The only indisputable fact I could adduce was that I had allowed my authority to slip through my fingers.
  • Of all the extraordinary works carried into effect by London gentlemen and tradesmen, we may fairly adduce this as a pre-eminent example.
  • Is it in the nature of things to adduce more weighty arguments in proof of the necessity which has existed since the above period for its supercession?
  • To adduce such inaccuracies as evidence of prevarication is itself an insincere act and puts the claimant by right in the Ananias Club.
  • A Catholic might well adduce this as an instance, not indeed of her supernatural selection, but of its counterpart, her supernatural rejection.
  • I defy him to adduce one single article of his whole faith, (creed rather) which he really derives from the Scripture.
  • And perhaps a man might adduce this as the greatest possible proof of the manifest truth of anything, that those who deny it are compelled to make use of it.
  • We could adduce further observations in favor of this double movement, but the proofs just given are sufficiently convincing to leave no doubt in the mind of the reader.
  • I will here adduce a few examples from the Greek, the Latin, the German, and from our own tongue.
  • We can only glance at some of the considerations which Darwin adduces, or will be sure to adduce in the future and fuller exposition which is promised.
  • Before passing on to my third point, I will adduce Scriptural authority for my assertion that God cannot be known from miracles.
  • We have elucidated this characteristic in a former section, in respect to the flensing of a young whale with extraordinary rapidity, and we now adduce another example of a more incidental nature.
  • As proof I adduce the accounting for the origin of the white people, who use pens & ink, in the story of Van-daih.
  • We admit every instance which their panegyrists adduce of their natural ability, of their kindliness of disposition, of their ancient intrepidity in the field, and of their brilliancy in the arts.
  • I close the catalogue of arguments which I adduce in support of this measure with the last and most powerful of them all, its beneficial influence on the morality of the rising generation.
  • Here also there are species of Diadema imitating the same group in two or three instances; but we shall have to adduce these further on in connexion with another branch of the subject.

Definition of Adduce

(transitive) To bring forward or offer, as an argument, passage, or consideration which bears on a statement or case; to cite; to allege.
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