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  • He was an adept at making up.
  • He was an adept at story-telling.
  • She was an adept at every variety of artistic work.
  • They are simply adept sleight-of-hand men.
  • But I was an adept at sign language.
  • Mrs. Nailor was an adept in the art of inquisition.
  • Gregoriev was certainly an adept at applying or loosening his screws.
  • She was advised to consult a man who was an adept in the black art.
  • He was an adept in the use of the WAHGUN.
  • However, Blas proved to be more adept at bargaining than we were.
  • He is just such another adept in Love's reasons.
  • He was a hearty, humorous person, however, and an adept at searching for news.
  • Professor Goldrock, besides being a naturalist, was an adept in language.

How To Use Adept In A Sentence?

  • Richelieu was too skilful an adept in the game of politics to be so easily beaten.
  • Winter was an adept in ferreting out facts concerning these localities and their denizens.
  • If my doubts are well founded, he must be an adept in the art of dissimulation.
  • I am an adept in my craft, and therefore was one of those entrusted to use the roomal.
  • Bobbles proved himself an adept at that best of boxing tactics, the ability to dodge.
  • In this particular he was even the superior of Mandit, who was an adept in this line.
  • He was an adept in the tactics of Indian warfare, and now used his knowledge to good effect.
  • And, be it added gratuitously, Virginia deemed herself something of an adept in dealing with men.
  • Nelly was an adept at the sport, having generally caught the fish for the consumption of the household at home.
  • I might call him acutely intellectual, and he is an adept in many out of the way branches of knowledge.
  • Epidius himself, a pedagogue of the progressive style, had doubtless proved an adept at this sort of thing.
  • It did not require much time to perform the operation, for he had long since become an adept at such work.
  • He was an adept in the windings of non-committal expression, and his intellectual sinuosity was a resource in debate or difficulty.
  • With an adept twist of the tongue his chew of tobacco ceased to bulge one cheek, and promptly distended the other.
  • The same state exists in the super-astral life; and the adept has an even deeper and more profound seclusion there in which to dwell.
  • Casey was a handy tool in many ways, rarely appearing in person but adept in selecting suitable agents.
  • He was fond of athletic exercises, an adept in running and wrestling, in which he proved himself more than a match for his village companions.
  • Gradually he becomes more and more adept at guiding the big bird through the air, and can get along nicely without any interference or correction.
  • For he was an adept in all those little arts that make a jury feel well disposed toward a lawyer, and as a word artist he was unsurpassed.
  • But Schubart was now grown an adept in banishment; so trifling an event could not unhinge his equanimity.
  • He was an adept at flattery, and he understood Beatrice's sensitiveness about being called stout.
  • He hated any species of backbiting, and he had heard of Burleigh as an adept in the art, and a man to be feared.
  • For no nearness in space, no closeness of relations, no daily intimacy, can do away with the inexorable laws which give the adept his seclusion.
  • It was all a piece of pure recklessness, and Adelle was hardly adept enough to have carried it on long without detection.
  • He was at home anywhere, and his tongue equally adept at broad prairie raillery or finely modulated English.
  • Miss Arnold painted beautiful fans, and I was an adept in the manufacture of card purses and match figures.
  • Now these not very adept defenders of Mr. Meredith seem to assert that these processes are desirable in any case, and necessary in his.

Definition of Adept

Well skilled; completely versed; thoroughly proficient | One fully skilled or well versed in anything; a proficient
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