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  • Their adequacy seems to be verified by every right feeling, and also by practical experiment.
  • Some of the difficulties of modern China arise from the very adequacy of the old system.
  • In other cases, the ground or basis for a belief is deliberately sought and its adequacy to support the belief examined.
  • On the adequacy of this universal end depends the whole question of the positive worth of life, and the essential dignity of man.
  • To check on the adequacy of the questionnaire survey, 108 test plantings in eastern Tennessee were visited and inspected.
  • In the proof of our adequacy to the demands of duty may we find a delight that shall more than compensate us for any pleasure or profit surrendered for its sake.
  • His explicitness, his righteous violence, his entire adequacy on the subject of Charlie Hunt, had charmed her.
  • In estimating the adequacy of this definition of the temporal series as a formulation of experience it is necessary to discriminate between the crude deliverance of sense-awareness and our intellectual theories.
  • Both are a judgment passed upon the world, from the point of view of its adequacy or inadequacy to meet demands, arising from needs which the individual has discovered in himself.
  • The capacity, organization, and mobilization of industry influence the rapidity and adequacy with which material is prepared for, and supplied to, the armed forces.
  • For other evidence against the integrity and adequacy of specialism, showing how mind defies specialism and conserves its indivisible universe, there are the following simple but certainly interesting facts.
  • In general, it may be said that the adequacy and the amount, as well as the quality of telephone service, is best in countries where the service is provided by private enterprise.

Definition of Adequacy

The quality of being sufficient, adequate or able to meet the needs.
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