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  • Sweat from their hands adhered to his.
  • She adhered to her post.
  • This rule should be adhered to absolutely.
  • To this practice they adhered with few deviations.
  • Unity in narration has been adhered to more rigidly.
  • They adhered to the most hackneyed commonplaces.
  • Both adhered to the pleura costalis.
  • This rule cannot be too strictly adhered to.
  • The idea once born was adhered to.
  • I have adhered strictly to the facts throughout.
  • The foregoing figures are not adhered to strictly.
  • It was no use, the objection was adhered to.
  • A full list should be made out and strictly adhered to.
  • This injunction of our Saviour was strictly adhered to.
  • He adhered to St. Paul.
  • Nevertheless, Mr. Parnell adhered to his version.
  • I adhered to the crossways, till I reached Market Street.
  • Westwood adhered to the theory of its being purely indigenous.
  • Nevertheless the foregoing directions should be carefully adhered to.
  • Our measures for this end had been cautiously taken and carefully adhered to.
  • West adhered strictly to business during his brief interviews with his chief.
  • He adhered rigidly through life to this stern system of discipline.
  • It is curious how persistently the old names have adhered to these places.
  • Hawthorne was never a church-goer and adhered to no particular form of creed.
  • In short, she adhered as resolutely to her determination as ever.
  • The gentry courted her, but she still adhered to her secluded habits.
  • She adhered strictly to this order herself, and forced others to submit to it.
  • The following rules, therefore, should be strictly adhered to.

How To Use Adhered In A Sentence?

  • The difficulty is that some of the pumice stone has adhered to the surface of the paper.
  • I must therefore the more earnestly urge on you their being strictly adhered to.
  • Rarely has the merely chronological principle been adhered to with so little meaning.
  • The same glorious principle was scrupulously adhered to by all the historians of that time.
  • The name is given to it in its charter or articles of association and must be adhered to.
  • This plan in outline and intent was adhered to practically to the cessation of operations in 1888.
  • Happily he had mapped out the line he meant to follow, and adhered to it inflexibly.
  • This requirement was a very common one and was closely adhered to even a few years ago.
  • This resolution he nobly adhered to, and became one of the most distinguished of astronomers.
  • He has laid down certain laws at the outset, and he has rigidly adhered to those laws.
  • If these directions are adhered to, this medicine will surely effect a permanent cure.
  • If no system is adhered to, it becomes very difficult to steer a course through the confusion.

Definition of Adhered

simple past tense and past participle of adhere
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