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  • That of adhering bodies is incalculable.
  • She was firm in adhering to her own plan.
  • Veil adhering to margin of cap.
  • Fragments of coarse cloth were adhering to the pelvis.
  • I found adhering thereto such I would join.
  • It is given as an illustration of the value of adhering to method in our work.
  • Some persons are troubled by the cuticle adhering to the nail as it grows.
  • Every one adhering to the doctrine of light stands on his own feet.
  • Adnate: adjoining; adhering or growing together: closely connected.
  • It will be noticed that Captain Eri was adhering strictly to the truth.

How To Use Adhering In A Sentence?

  • Gedge uttered a sigh of relief as he shook the adhering snow from his woolly coat.
  • In believing thus, are we not adhering to the opinions of others without having one of our own?
  • At times, adhering to this practice has almost converted my home into a hotel for tramps.
  • But adhering to dieting and exercise, and eating enough apples, usually overcomes constipation.
  • Great uprooted trees, adhering midway down a precipice of earth, hung with their tops downward.
  • Manchester did a great thing in adopting, adhering to, and enforcing Free Trade.
  • Temperance consists in finding out the proper limit of a particular indulgence and adhering to that.
  • To very slightly oil the seal will prevent it adhering to the wax and thereby spoiling the impression.
  • Apparently it had been in the water for some weeks, for barnacles and slimy weeds were adhering to its surface.
  • The latter separates out in such a case very incompletely and as a firmly adhering lustrous film in the zinc.
  • Builders hamper themselves by adhering to a red-tape idea that all oarsmen in a boat should be seated at equal distances from each other.
  • The fine cotton adhering to the sides of the tube can be removed by a clean cloth or silk handkerchief.
  • Dip the cover-glass into a beaker containing hot water in order to remove some of the vaseline adhering to it.
  • This is to be exposed again with the pincers to the oxidation flame, to burn off the adhering coal particles.
  • And his mass of hair is neatly tied up and remains adhering to the head and forehead evenly sundered in two.
  • The building occupied by the university combined in itself several forms of architecture, not adhering to any one.
  • Superfluous graphite is then removed by copious washing, an extremely fine film of graphite adhering to the wax.
  • What especially concerns us here is that we avoid adhering to the mistakes of these partisans which still have injurious effect upon opinion.
  • Some grains of uncrushed gunpowder should be left adhering to the paper, and a few more should be allowed to lie loosely upon it.
  • As to formal fallacies that may be avoided by adhering to the rules of logical method, this may suffice.
  • The villi are peculiar to these parts; they are inversely conical, adhering to the membrane by their smaller end.
  • Composition adhering to the shell or foil is loosened by alcohol, and washed into the dish by means of alcohol in a small wash bottle.
  • There can be no doubt that this inner layer represents the tertiary larva, whose skin is left adhering to the envelope of the pseudochrysalis.
  • If there is a layer of fat adhering to the skin, it must be scraped off and absorbed with corn meal, and scraped again until it is all off.
  • Right across the room, in regular lines, were immense letters in red and black adhering to the boards.
  • The retorting has usually been badly done, and there remains a good deal of quicksilver and nitric acid adhering to the gold.
  • Here was a steep-cut bank with just about eighteen or twenty inches of ice adhering to it and the black, rushing water beyond.
  • Hager explained, adhering closely to essential facts, though he omitted certain others and stretched a point here and there.
  • The churn was scalded with boiling water, then rinsed with cold water; this prevented the butter adhering to the churn.
  • They consist of a calyx adhering to the ovary, the corolla divided into several segments, and the petals variously coloured.

Definition of Adhering

present participle of adhere
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