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  • In the adjacent country not a leaf moved.
  • They lay like a fall of snow in the adjacent forests.
  • This disease is a consumption of the skin and adjacent tissues.
  • A small yard is built on the bank of a stream adjacent to a deep place.
  • Why, that cave hollow and all the adjacent hills were made of gold!
  • Dearborne and Boy moved into the shadows of the adjacent street.
  • The old building on the Dam and the adjacent houses are covered with snow.

How To Use Adjacent In A Sentence?

  • Monasteries and hermitages rapidly sprang up in the adjacent islands and on the mainland.
  • There must be no trees too near the buildings, and there should be no adjacent swamps.
  • These all convey the idea of the adjacent conducting plates separated by insulating material.
  • While the corpse lay in state, there was a room set aside, adjacent the big hall in the chapel.
  • The world and the half-world dine at adjacent tables, and neither section of Paris objects.
  • There were two of our submarines in the Heligoland Bight patrol, diving in adjacent areas.
  • He looked at the shelves of books adjacent to the cabinet and along the wall to the left of the entrance.
  • The crews of those vessels which in that season lie in the adjacent harbour, have no other food allowed them.
  • They were all treated according to the mode described, and their ashes cast into the adjacent river.
  • In this the various adjacent turns are separated from each other by a fine thread of silk or cotton wound on beside the wire.
  • The nucleus once formed the matter adjacent would precipitate itself by gravitation upon the surface of the incipient world.
  • Russia for a long time was the possessor of the adjacent mainland and of the islands which mark the limits and in a degree enclose the sea.
  • It includes all the eastern part of that island, and the adjacent islands, as we shall presently see.
  • There was no horse in sight anywhere, and the great hills adjacent offered no inducement whatsoever for any straying quadruped.
  • When two nations of adjacent territory cannot agree over a boundary line, why should settlement be made in terms of physical force?
  • The adjacent buildings, all part of the Pavilion, are used as Museum, Library and Picture Gallery.
  • The greatest advantage of this form of construction, however, is in the absolute freedom from cross-talk between two adjacent drops.
  • Although the adjacent ground, ditches, and hedges were searched, no trace of the iron door could be found.
  • At one time this rock was situated between the Bass and the adjacent mainland, and was a fruitful source of shipwreck.
  • In others, a solitary mound, with adjacent burial mounds, gives us the idea of a rural village or town.
  • Mr. Gibney had emerged on the surface and was swimming slowly away toward an adjacent float where small boats landed.
  • The neighbor on the east had fertile plains adjacent to the Kravonian frontier, and would like to hold the mountain line as a protection to them.
  • To the stranger approaching Liverpool by railway, these inviting bits of the adjacent country are, unfortunately, not visible.
  • An Englishman had lately taken up his abode in the tower, which, with the adjacent pleasure ground, he rented at forty pounds a-year.
  • The most extensive prairies adjacent to the Upper Peace River are those to the north already described.
  • A short prayer is recited over the dead, either in a mosque or in a place particularly dedicated to this service in or adjacent to the burial-ground.
  • The adjacent blanks in some cases exhibited a similar appearance in lesser degree, or were merely affected by a characteristic brownish stain.
  • The Teutonic knights transferred the sphere of their warfare to Russia, and the adjacent country, whose inhabitants were still heathens.
  • The curious houses of the Sumatran Highlands, with their adjacent rice-barns, form distinctive features of this unique island.
  • Of course, such a condition is not possible to attain and in practice some insulating material must be introduced between the layers of wire and between the adjacent convolutions of wire.
  • The adjacent country is a perfect garden, and numerous secluded villas and cottages are scattered among the umbrageous and productive orchards that spread around.
  • A walk yesterday forenoon through the Notch, formed between Saddle Mountain and another adjacent one.
  • In this case the feed of the wire at each turn of the spool is slightly greater than the diameter of the wire, so that a small distance will be left between each pair of adjacent turns.

Definition of Adjacent

Lying next to, close, or contiguous; neighboring; bordering on. | Just before, after, or facing. | (US) Next to; adjacent to; beside.
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