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  • Carefully he adjusted his mat.
  • She quickly adjusted the others in the same fashion.
  • She adjusted her hat and held herself resolutely erect.
  • Then he adjusted the burden on his back and turned to the palm-belt.
  • She adjusted her knees on his lap and rested her hands on his shoulders.
  • The contents were all admirably adjusted to keep a spirit in prison.
  • He adjusted her so that she sat on his lap, with her face against his throat.

How To Use Adjusted In A Sentence?

  • One said things carefully adjusted to the distinctive limitations of each gathering.
  • A breathless stillness reigned as the prince adjusted and readjusted the pieces.
  • Rapidly he adjusted the points until his instrument was giving a spark of maximum strength.
  • The minimum quantity of acid may be adjusted so closely as to give such results.
  • He adjusted the sonar pickups, turned the amplifier to maximum, and listened intently.
  • He adjusted the gap, so as to get the best spark, then laid the pack bags over the instruments.
  • The two went into the wireless room, where Captain Jack adjusted the receiver over his head.
  • Now, this either means that the Bible requires that all institutions be adjusted and harmonized with the moral law--the law of love--or it means nothing.
  • These outlying questions were considered in the negotiations, and they were adjusted by the terms of the treaty.
  • They are the only instances in nature of a structure built with its parts harmoniously adjusted to each other to the performance of certain ends.
  • The apparatus has to be adjusted with mathematical nicety, and if not so arranged failures are liable to occur.
  • Jack took the operator's seat in the wireless room and adjusted the receiver to his head.
  • The gongs are so adjusted that the tapper ball will have to spring about one thirty-second of an inch in order to hit them.
  • Joyously he adjusted his spark-gap until he had a fine, fat stream of fire leaping between the posts.
  • Here again we see the careful balancing that runs through nature; how carefully each thing is adjusted to its work.
  • Fortunately, however, the whole matter was amicably adjusted and there was no need for action.
  • The doctor adjusted the fracture, then applied the splint while his wife held it steady until he had made it secure.
  • Each tube is provided with a sort of stand, with a marked elevator, by which it can be adjusted to any required angle.
  • Then the younger man, talking to her meanwhile, slipped off the bridle and adjusted a hackamore in its place.
  • The conflict would be adjusted in a quiet and orderly manner by the truth obtaining greater and greater sway over the minds of men.
  • The upper of these could be raised to varying height above the level of the other, and likewise could be so adjusted as to tighten the belt.
  • Then, very carefully he adjusted his own position so that his profile lay outlined in the dim light from the gas lamp in the roof.
  • The frame was held firmly together at the corners by clamps and screws, so that it could be changed and adjusted to fit the quilt.
  • This is accomplished by passing each through a slit, or clearer, whose width is adjusted to the diameter of the thread to be treated.
  • The right of way for the boats was adjusted by the order of inscription in a navigation register; they had to follow one another in turn.
  • He swung her to the saddle, adjusted the stirrups carefully, then fastened her securely to the saddle with a strap about her waist.
  • I adjusted the caps carefully, and stepped out of the window, upon the narrow roof upon which it opens.
  • The clamps are adjusted to hold his head firm, he is told to fix his gaze on a point ahead, and then suddenly, he commences to whirl around.
  • Shir K'han adjusted knobs and switches on the vehicle's control board, until he had produced the desired setting.
  • In the rooms and "sheds" devoted to weaving, the rattle of the machinery forbids even conversation, except when the voice is adjusted to it.
  • He adjusted himself now to the idea of making Jean the Western star his employers seemed to think was inevitable.
  • Here she rose and adjusted her brown ringlets at the glass, giving me ample time to admire one of the most perfect figures I ever beheld.
  • Quickly they adjusted their packs and started back along the railroad-track toward the gap through which they were to pass to Old Ironsides.

Definition of Adjusted

Which has been compensated in order to avoid bias. | simple past tense and past participle of adjust
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