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  • He became administrator as well as warrior.
  • It wants an educated man to be administrator now.
  • Copley, business administrator of Jesuits, 251, 264, n. 17.
  • Hammurabi was no mere framer of laws but a practical administrator as well.
  • No prudent administrator of a public trust will venture upon such experiments.
  • I have a neighbour who spent many years as an administrator in India.

How To Use Administrator In A Sentence?

  • An administrator is a person who settles the estate of a deceased person leaving no will.
  • He told them that if they held together the administrator would be obliged to accept their terms.
  • Every day or two the administrator rode over on his old mare and watched the progress of the road.
  • No administrator begrudges a division with his men of the increased profit arising from increased efficiency.
  • A wife can act as executor or administrator of an estate only with her husband's consent.
  • On my arrival at that place my consignees sold to the administrator all the timber he wanted, and the remainder at an under price to individuals.
  • Such a working-class administrator must be given an expert assistant, one or two according to the enterprise.
  • Brock, however, was not Lieutenant-Governor, but merely Provisional Administrator of the Province.
  • It is to the third book, containing the details of the revenue system, that the modern administrator will turn with the deepest interest.
  • He was to be a food administrator for the people, in response to its needs and desire for making wise food management help in winning the war.
  • Cas.), taught that the universe was created and perishable; and the creator and administrator of it pervades the whole.
  • Captain Fishley was appointed administrator of the estate, and when it was settled there was hardly fifteen hundred dollars left.
  • Esar-haddon proved himself to be not only one of the best generals Assyria ever produced, but a great administrator as well.
  • If Tucker and his wife put me in an insane asylum, the administrator of my estate will surely sue you for big damages.
  • Mr. Daggett does not hold Clawbonny as administrator at all; but as a purchaser under a mortgage sale.
  • A great administrator had argued, and managed, and cajoled; a great soldier had organised and planned, and made piastres do the work of pounds.
  • Every effort of legislator and administrator should be bent to secure the permanency of this condition of things and its improvement wherever possible.
  • One clause says that an executor or administrator cannot be required to pay anything at all out of his own pocket on any promise that he has made unless it be in writing.
  • I am their guardian, the administrator of their estate, just as I was made administrator of the Stower estate and guardian of you girls.
  • The more money, the more worry for the administrator and guardian," Mr. Howbridge said succinctly.
  • Upon the death of the wife all personal property belonging to her, whether exempt or not, passes to her administrator to be distributed by him among her heirs.
  • As a matter of fact, Major Coulthurst, who was by no means brilliant either as administrator or soldier, took his cares lightly.
  • While if that administrator is a weakling, who does not stand very steadily on his feet, he attempts to associate another with himself, for in the company of another his own weakness will be unnoticed.
  • As a civil administrator in a disturbed and grievance-ridden colony, he was altogether out of his proper element, and furnished a signal instance of the round peg in the square hole.

Definition of Administrator

One who administers affairs; one who directs, manages, executes, or dispenses, whether in civil, judicial, political, or ecclesiastical affairs; a manager | (law) A person who manages or settles the estate of an intestate, or of a testator when there is no competent executor; one to whom the right of administration has been committed by competent authority | (computing) One who is responsible for software installation, management, information and maintenance of a computer or network
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