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  • The Admiralty caused 6682 lbs.
  • French Admiralty urge treaty of 1778.
  • I wish the Admiralty could be sent out on this boat.
  • In three months or so, his Admiralty work would be over.
  • This was ordered by the Admiralty on the 8th of August.
  • I used to stay with them at the Admiralty House.
  • The Secretary of the Admiralty was completely extinguished.
  • It was well that the British Admiralty rose to the danger.
  • Some Admiralty regulation, I suppose.
  • This week I must go back to my Admiralty work.
  • Mr. LONG said the Admiralty were most anxious for it.
  • First Lord of Admiralty (Sir Edward Carson).
  • Agreement with Admiralty for allotment of machines and engines.
  • All civil officers of the Admiralty should follow the same rule.
  • The Admiralty are much more go-ahead in this way than we are.
  • The governor's waiting down at the Admiralty for me.
  • Father came back from the Admiralty very excited yesterday, though.
  • The Admiralty had long ago decided that it was necessary to have 60 per cent.
  • Robinson's Admiralty Reports.
  • The Maasin of Coello, or Masin of Admiralty Chart, Sec.
  • Turned out by my Lords of the Admiralty to starve on half pay.
  • There was then no rolling down in luxurious trains to an Admiralty Pier.
  • She was condemned in Admiralty proceedings and, later, restored to her owners.
  • We then discussed the proposal of the German Admiralty for the new program.
  • I addressed it to you as an Admiralty man, great at the Custom-house.

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  • Also all the harbor knew that next morning he had to report to the admiralty and explain.
  • Hence the secretiveness of the Admiralty during the war on the losses of enemy submarines.
  • The Admiralty declined to allow him to leave his station until that day arrived.
  • This decision of the Admiralty was contrary to custom, as admitted to the present day.
  • Early in 1911 the Admiralty were persuaded to allow four naval officers to learn to fly.
  • The Admiralty award would surely have been generous, and well worth all the trouble.
  • If you can send us occasionally to sea on an Admiralty case, it will be a little relief.
  • The Admiralty has had frequent conferences with Merchant masters and sought their advice.
  • The Lords of the Admiralty could not refuse him his promotion, had they wished it.
  • No doubt the Admiralty Board determined that, but we were not present at the session.
  • Round the corner from the Admiralty Square a little company of soldiers came with fixed bayonets.
  • The British Admiralty quickly recognized the value of wireless telegraphy to war vessels.
  • As a result of her delightful hospitality Admiralty House really became a home for our officers.
  • I shall never forgive myself if I do not stir every nerve to get the Admiralty to undertake it.
  • This stinging blow and the resultant danger aroused the new Board of Admiralty to energetic moves.

Definition of Admiralty

(military) The office or jurisdiction of an admiral. | (military) The department or officers having authority over naval affairs generally. | (law) The court which has jurisdiction of maritime questions and offenses.
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