Admire In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Admire | Admire Sentence

  • They all admire him so.
  • She seemed to admire him.
  • How people would admire her!
  • They admire them at a safe and respectful distance.
  • What men admire and love they would surely act.
  • Young people admire talents, and particular excellences.
  • I confess I admire them.
  • As an artist I could not but admire it.
  • At any rate I admire Benham.
  • I admire John as much as I ever did.
  • They admire beauty in a curious way through their intellect.
  • I can't sufficiently admire your conduct.
  • Aylmer had no idea that Vincy did more than admire her very mildly.
  • Even Wickersham, though he hated her, could not but admire her.
  • While I admire his energy, I wish it were employed in a better cause.
  • We admire the writer's honesty, and blush for his brazen boldness.

How To Use Admire In A Sentence?

  • We cannot but admire his tenacity of purpose in the face of the most disheartening failures.
  • They go into society to shine themselves, not to admire the brilliancy of others.
  • There never was a mean and abject mind that did not admire an intrepid and dexterous villain.
  • She used to stick hibiscus flowers in them red curtains and stand off and admire me by the hour.
  • He cannot admire the change of one piece of barbarism for another, and a worse.
  • The robber was pleased with the sketch, and seemed to admire himself upon paper.
  • Thousands admire the sentimental-writer; the affectionate father is hardly known in his parish.
  • Never once while he rode did he forget to admire the Rangar's courage or the black mare's speed.
  • Her hair, too, was cut much shorter, and, altogether, I did not admire her so much.
  • He straightened and leaned away from her to give a proper perspective in which she could admire him.
  • It is probable that in that case we should have less occasion to wonder at their oddities or to admire their sagacity.
  • It would be premature to express the opinion that the less one sees of it the more one is likely to admire it.
  • We shall never cease to admire the logical dexterity with which the champions of necessity assail and worry their adversaries.
  • A more wretched and coarse idea it is scarcely possible to conceive of, yet the vulgar admire this jug.
  • As we walked slowly through the paths she would stop to pick a flower or to admire a brilliant butterfly swaying in the air.
  • The savage and the new-born child give us far less occasion to admire the range of their mind than do the nobler animals.
  • If he had created no such beings, there would have been no eye in the universe, except his own, to admire and to love his works.
  • I never heard any one who so magnetised me from the pulpit, and I am by no means prone to admire sermons.
  • They hustled away as he spoke, the best of them to wrangle Dunbar, and the rest to admire the sight.
  • And all with such a tigerish swing, such a wild and masterful certitude, that even Bowles could not but secretly admire him.
  • Dandy drowsed at her feet, and very often she would take him to the window and make him go through all his tricks, calling on Hubert to admire him.
  • Here she rose and adjusted her brown ringlets at the glass, giving me ample time to admire one of the most perfect figures I ever beheld.
  • Chook stopped to admire the art gallery, gay with coloured pictures from the Christmas numbers of English magazines.
  • I mind my own business and I make my own creations, but I am perfectly ready to admire the creations of others.

Definition of Admire

(obsolete, transitive) To be amazed at; to view with surprise; to marvel at. | (transitive) To regard with wonder and delight. | (transitive) To look upon with an elevated feeling of pleasure, as something which calls out approbation, esteem, love or reverence.
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