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  • Woman admires a certainty.
  • She admires even while she condemns.
  • My wife admires and loves you.
  • Maybe he just wants to imitate me because he admires me!
  • You know perfectly well that he admires you.
  • What a man most admires in a woman is devotion to himself.
  • I think Dennis admires you.
  • I believe he admires me as much as I do him.
  • But I have in mind one who admires you profoundly.
  • It is that quality which achieves, and everybody admires achievement.
  • Above all other qualities in man, woman admires his intelligence.
  • How one admires one's bosom in that capacity!
  • I admit that I hate the man because a certain person admires him.
  • My aunt admires you, and here I naturally must be a great deal.
  • The man admires you, of course, and has, of course, talent of a sort.
  • He admires England because she is strong, not because she is English.
  • Look here now, little sister, I know when a woman admires another.
  • I'm jealously afraid That she admires me less than other beaux.

How To Use Admires In A Sentence?

  • Man naturally admires the qualities which tend to the correct government of the home.
  • The art consists in discovering and understanding what each nation admires in its great men.
  • Sandy admired it as a traveler admires a sunrise, and with as little idea of having caused it.
  • Charles encountered them, he admired much as a painter admires the colours of a fine sunset.
  • I am not the only one who admires her landscape, her flower gardens, and her woodcraft.
  • A dreadful whisper has got abroad, of late, that he admires the maid above the mistress.
  • Hee followes nothing but inconstancie, admires nothing but beauty, honours nothing but fortune.
  • The scholar marries the foolish beauty; the beauty marries an ugly man, and admires him.
  • I think that no one will dispute that; almost every man, even the ungodly, admires meekness.
  • No one admires that sort of pale, clear complexion and calm manner more than I do.
  • With Voltaire, I say that any one who admires Ezekiel should be compelled to dine with him.
  • One admires them and adores them; but one feels that their attraction cannot be made clear to others by words.
  • This latter seeks for originality and admires it, and all art which is at once powerful and sincere arouses its interest.
  • The true artist feels and profoundly admires nature; but every thing in nature is not equally admirable.
  • He says all a man admires in a woman is her power of loving, and that when she begins to ape a man she loses her charm for him.
  • Those two persons among the roses on the terrace haunted her like one of those pictures which the brain admires and the heart loathes.
  • He admires the difficult virtues, and holds that the gift of sympathy or pity or fraternity is in their absence hardly worth having.
  • You must offer to give any object to anybody who admires it (especially objects of jewellery or babies).
  • That tincture of admiration is not so strong that I cannot rest unless somebody admires my cleverness with me.
  • Who, that has lived with those men, but admires the plain force of fact, of thought passed into action?
  • They often boldly drive on to the very verge of ridicule; the spectator is alarmed, but at the same time admires their vigour and intrepidity.
  • He admires England, but he does not love her; for we admire things with reasons, but love them without reasons.

Definition of Admires

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of admire
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