Admiring In A Sentence

Definition of Admiring

Feeling or showing admiration. | present participle of admire | admiration

How To Use Admiring In A Sentence?

  • The letter was that of an admiring and devoted friend rather than that of a military colleague.
  • As he stood admiring the plant he was surprised to hear footsteps in the adjoining room.
  • Faith walked between her new friends, and looked from one to the other with admiring eyes.
  • Even the admiring Jabberwocks felt that this was carrying oddity to the extreme.
  • The ranchman cast many a secret admiring glance toward Jerry as they rode home.
  • Likes to do lazy things, like riding, and fooling around in a canoe, admiring nature.
  • I tell you, they persisted in admiring Matyko, and the poor little angel was fading away.
  • Sperver stood behind us, very well satisfied that I was admiring the dwarf of Nideck.
  • From his point of observation Mr. Horton, turning slightly, threw an admiring glance around.
  • Groups of passengers stood here and there, admiring the beautiful harbor and its surrounding country.
  • People looked at me both with amusement and admiring amazement as they saw me about, late that afternoon....
  • Sztolarik kept his countenance, and carefully examined the handle of the umbrella, as though he were admiring the work.
  • But in the art of creating admiring and useful acquaintances out of raw material he had few equals, even among his own profession.
  • She found herself admiring the full forehead, the lines of refinement about the lips that the beard could not fully conceal.
  • He very often found himself looking at her and admiring her dark, pretty face and tall, supple form.
  • As she glanced up into his admiring eyes, she found herself wondering what Stephen had thought while he watched her?
  • As the Prince stood admiring the spectacle the heavens opened and a maiden of marvellous beauty descended and approached him.
  • I could not help admiring the courage of the lady, though regretting, at the same time, the task she had set herself.
  • Those nearest spoke to him; those less fortunate, on the outskirts of the little crowd, contented themselves with admiring comments.
  • When Stephen stooped to kiss her cheek before going out, she looked up at him with a proud and admiring glance.
  • But O-liver still talked to admiring circles in the hotel lobby or to greater crowds in the town hall.
  • He swung up on his horse as he spoke, and Dixie rode away after him, followed by the admiring gaze of all hands and the cook.
  • He questioned her eagerly, still watching her with his boyish, admiring eyes, and Dixie plunged into another.
  • They had a thousand odd stories and jokes about the events of the day, and burlesque descriptions and mimickings of the spectators who had been admiring them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Admiring | Admiring Sentence

  • He stood admiring her.
  • He looked at her with admiring sympathy.
  • She did not want to quarrel with him for admiring her.
  • I write him an admiring letter.
  • No man could have helped admiring her.
  • So frank in admiring them, she meant.
  • The young man had been admiring the white hands.
  • He stood admiring the codling upon the scales.
  • Long into the night they sat, admiring the lovely waif.
  • Anne sat by the Judge and made admiring comments.
  • A girl needn't have been ashamed of admiring you.
  • The man with the beard shot an admiring glance across the tabouret.
  • They touched her dainty gloves with dirty, admiring fingers.
  • This bewildering speech was received with admiring awe, and we departed.
  • O fervor animi!" says that admiring historian, cap.
  • But I have, for several minutes, lost sight of the admiring Titmouse.

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