Admiringly in a sentence

Definition of Admiringly

In an admiring manner.

Short Example Sentence for Admiringly

  • 1. I looked admiringly at the work.
  • 2. She looked admiringly at her as she spoke.
  • 3. Rickerby looked admiringly at the speaker.
  • 4. He admiringly looked to her to know.
  • 5. Ella had said admiringly at the reception.
  • 6. Bob looked admiringly at his uncle.
  • 7. He looked down at me admiringly from his great height.
  • 8. The old rancher looked admiringly at the boy.
  • 9. Maria Dmitrievna admiringly agreed with him.
  • 10. She looked rather admiringly at Dil.
  • 11. The other boys gazed admiringly at Lovell.
  • 12. The manager and Ben looked admiringly at George.
  • 13. How admiringly Mr. Raban had looked at her.
  • 14. He looked admiringly at Polly, and Rose was delighted.
  • 15. Kate's eyes dwelt admiringly on the girl.
  • 16. Malone could have sat and pondered it admiringly for a long time.
  • 17. She looked at him admiringly a moment, then gave a little cough.
  • 18. Henley laughed again, his eyes resting admiringly on her animated face.
  • 19. How it drew folk, to gaze admiringly upon its hissing brilliancy!
  • 20. Enoch looked admiringly at the grim young freckled face beneath the faded hat.
  • 21. But Eustace was not thinking about it either admiringly or otherwise.
  • 22. Harold said, looking admiringly at the long lines of red-coated soldiers.
  • 23. The steps, or perhaps the eyes fixed admiringly on her, woke Marjorie.
  • 24. Mrs. Abbot glanced admiringly up into Jacky's face.

How to use Admiringly in a Sentence?

  • 1. Ben stood grinning admiringly after her as she mounted and rode out into the flat.
  • 2. Eugénie examined her daughter admiringly and insisted that she looked like me already.
  • 3. The disturbance over, the four sat themselves down and looked admiringly about them.
  • 4. He looked admiringly at his dark blue suit for about the hundredth time that evening.
  • 5. The shining eyes of the man gazed admiringly on the sad face of the loyal woman.
  • 6. From her belt hangs a cock, and she turns her face admiringly towards the great captain.
  • 7. Many eyes turned admiringly upon the calm, stately beauty and her white flowers.
  • 8. Miss Mehitable looked admiringly at the golden braids hanging over the pillows.
  • 9. I saw him glance admiringly at the pretty white hands, handling so daintily the green pods.
  • 10. He looked fixedly and admiringly at Henry, and the youth blushed under his tan.
  • 11. The officer followed and looked admiringly over the launch while Nelson unlocked the cabin door.
  • 12. The eyes of men as well as women admiringly followed his dark, lithe, picturesque figure.
  • 13. The men gazed admiringly at it, and Garry himself could scarcely restrain a gasp of astonishment.
  • 14. The Blackbird gazed admiringly at the old house, and with especial interest at the bay window.
  • 15. Lombard and Sawtell looked admiringly at Lonergan and more than ever appreciated his glib tongue.
  • 16. He sat back, looked admiringly at Jeroloman, clasped his hands and twirled his thumbs.