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  • There are other admissions in his silences and evasions.
  • Or how can it invalidate the admissions which he had previously made?
  • But Rosenthal's admissions you must take at your own valuation.

How To Use Admissions In A Sentence?

  • Surely these admissions conjure up the possibility of a really excellent entertainment.
  • The amount of money spent by working girls for dance-hall admissions is considerable.
  • Here she was making admissions with every breath, when she would fain have not made any.
  • And Lamb had a much less wide and a much more crotchety system of admissions and exclusions.
  • The girl's story must be true, for it tallies exactly with the woman's admissions this evening.
  • Since it made admissions with regard to the Croats the contents were telegraphed to Paris.
  • But the significance of these admissions is the very opposite of what it is commonly supposed to be.
  • The blackfellow who had led them out with such confidence made some significant admissions as they proceeded on the journey.
  • For unnecessary admissions are a sedative to gossip, just as unnecessary concealments are a stimulant.
  • But after all admissions and all concessions, the comparative strength of his own case appeared all the more undeniable.
  • Afraid of making admissions to their opponents, we believe that none of them have fully developed the phenomena of human spontaneity.
  • No, those admissions and denials of his had been addressed, without doubt, to a far more important person than myself.
  • There were six hundred and thirty-three paid admissions to the game, amounting to four hundred and three dollars.
  • She knew that he had hurried, because she had tactfully led Whitney into making some admissions about their speed.
  • But for our purpose it will be sufficient to quote only some more admissions of the Germans and Magyars themselves.
  • She wanted to gossip with me about the whole affair this morning, and she made admissions that I suppose she was subsequently ashamed of.
  • I can't quite blame the Legislature, either, after the admissions made by the district member.
  • Yet the way in which he extracted admissions from an unwilling witness left an impression on that uncomfortable personage that was soothing, not to say flattering.
  • There have been several admissions of young ladies at this institution direct from boarding-schools, and of young men from college, where they had studied excessively.
  • It is a dangerous mixture for a man to have to counteract in a woman, because, responding to the friendliness, he may make admissions which increase the pique.
  • He makes admissions about his own tendency to think that he has an immaterial soul, and that these points are, or may be, or some day will be, scientifically solved.
  • With these Protestant admissions before us and many others collected in the Annali delle Scienze Relig.
  • There seemed to me something a little unfair in her proceedings; they were attempts to obtain from me admissions that I should have repudiated scornfully in hours of health.
  • It may be proved by the admissions or uncontradicted testimony of either party, or a legal presumption may be raised by the testimony of either husband or wife with proof of continued cohabitation.
  • It was an ordeal which made even her devoutest adherents tremble; for we knew the astuteness of the churchmen, and how that they would seek to win admissions which they would pervert to their own uses afterwards.

Definition of Admissions

plural of admission
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