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  • Their culture is admittedly a very low one.
  • It was admittedly too big a question to be hurried.
  • This was admittedly going according to wrong principles.
  • This made Thomas very angry, admittedly not without cause.
  • Jean de Courtois is admittedly a Frenchman.
  • Pauline was admittedly plunging into these adventures of her own free will.
  • Many of our connections with people are admittedly casual and temporary.
  • But admittedly grave as the future is, it is by no means hopeless.
  • It is an unsupported statement, part of which is admittedly conjecture.
  • In either case it is admittedly the true story of human life.
  • Whatever the notions abroad concerning him, he was admittedly a model.
  • But by being admittedly a tool, the government possessed definite power.
  • It is admittedly fascinating at times; but is without rhyme, reason or order.
  • The crux of the situation admittedly lies with the figures of the Single Men.
  • Among the painters Vermeer is admittedly perfect; has then Rembrandt no art?
  • Naturally," replied Pete, with the languor of an admittedly superior being.

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  • But this report was compiled before the end of the war and is admittedly incomplete.
  • These questions are admittedly unanswerable if one has dealt only with dream-symbolism.
  • The theory admittedly breaks down when we come to the relations of matter and space.
  • He admittedly is uneducated and possesses absolutely no knowledge of even elementary medicine.
  • This was enormously in her favor, and she quickly became an admittedly proper person.
  • But the fair speakers were chartered libertines, and their laugh admittedly had a biting acid.
  • The problem of raising children on the Zone is admittedly beset with difficulties.
  • Many of them are admittedly very capable men, and not a few possess high University credentials.
  • The fees now charged for the University course are admittedly very low, even for Indian standards.
  • The matter of which it is constituted evolves from an admittedly unstable initial state to another stable one.
  • It is unworthy of us to effect an admittedly beneficial object by so rude a device as a legal fiction.
  • The waters of the harbor, admittedly one of the finest in the world, are most of the time extremely dirty.
  • He had the greed of a wolf and the temper of an aging bear, and yet his business ability admittedly commanded respect.
  • Socrates is represented as talking to a slave-boy, who admittedly has no education in mathematics, and barely knows what a square is.
  • The temporary triumph of the Communists was admittedly due to the exceptional position in which the country found itself.
  • In this instance etymology admittedly points out one of the principal features of the common Aryan religions.
  • She had very particularly "not been concerned" with the admittedly stiff terms the rejection of which had now, unhappily, resulted in war.
  • The task challenging the spirit and resources of your assembly, as well as those whom you represent, is admittedly arduous, pressing and sacred.
  • With his friend Braden admittedly out of the running, there was no just cause why he should not at least have a try at saving Anne.
  • Time and again he went far out of his way to pass by the house near Washington Square, admittedly surreptitious in his movements.
  • He deals admittedly with an aspect of experience, and his conclusions are no more adequate to the nature of the self than they are to the nature of outer objects.
  • Shelley has the poetical music in an unsurpassable and sometimes in an almost unapproached degree, but his verse is admittedly very difficult to set to music.
  • We had developed a mine-laying organization which was admittedly better than any that had been hitherto known; and this branch of the service we could now enlarge indefinitely.
  • If we are to proceed wisely in reference to the failing pupils in the high school, it is admittedly of importance that such procedure should be based on a definite knowledge of the facts.

Definition of Admittedly

As is acknowledged to be true; by general admission; confessedly.
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