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  • These held back the rush, admitting but one man at a time.
  • Not to do so would seem like admitting a difficulty in making it.
  • I'm just not admitting any man alive could be that.
  • We should especially beware of admitting to intimacy the sceptic and infidel.
  • I steadfastly refuse the slightest dash of color in admitting children.
  • She coloured, admitting and denying at the same time, the truth of his words.
  • Even admitting that it is done, who is to occupy Russia?
  • The outer hatch swung open, admitting the penetrating cold of complete vacuum.
  • For here was Bruce admitting that in his spare time he drove motors.
  • Very cold; roof out of repair, and admitting rain; the partitions much broken.

How To Use Admitting In A Sentence?

  • We are therefore very far from admitting his criticism of the principles of causality.
  • But admitting that this should be the case, how have they obtained these two objects?
  • Suddenly he seizes the sail and tears it down furiously, admitting the salty wind.
  • In admitting it she blushed, somewhat offended at hint of suspicion that such was lacking.
  • Near its top in several places were cut out apertures, admitting air and a little light.
  • Another look at the screen showed that an exit port was open, admitting two metal-scaled octopi.
  • I believe I have omitted none, and have rather strained a point in admitting some.
  • It will be seen, however, that while admitting this root, I do not place Garonne to it.
  • Mr. Le Page Renouf, admitting this, thinks the great development of bull-worship later.
  • The logical consequence of admitting either theory would be that the problem was simply indemonstrable.
  • If all the statements in the scriptures were true, there would be no necessity for admitting that some of them are not inspired.
  • After our admitting the railway on this avenue the company run their cars to suit themselves, not our convenience.
  • Without admitting it even to himself, he distrusted his wife's methods and entire frankness.
  • Their error was not in admitting this hypothesis; it was a legitimate one since it has proved very fruitful.
  • A strong dike protected it from the ocean, the sluices only admitting sufficient water for the needs of the town.
  • They were equally ready in admitting the evidence of miracles, but not equally clear as to the object for which those miracles were wrought.
  • When a dressing is put on, do not remove it, as it will be sure to protract the cure, by admitting the air.
  • And, admitting the temporary necessity of the dictatorship, it is absolute folly to expect under it the liberty and ease of a regular government.
  • So it is on the higher platform; only the difficulty of penetrating the mind, of admitting the light, is even greater.
  • Think of my vanity turning my head completely and admitting of my taking Wiedeman there (because of an express invitation).
  • He is a young Radical in his opposition to anything like injustice, though frankly admitting that youth is not infallible.
  • The errors, therefore, remain, and for them we would claim indulgence, although readily admitting that none is deserved.
  • As he said, they must hope for the best, but he could not help admitting that he took a gloomy view of Lindsay.
  • Even admitting that, say, the Idea of whiteness exists, we cannot see how it produces white objects.
  • Even admitting that he is mistaken and that we are in error as to the signification of the symbol, its various uses justify the belief that it is phonetic.
  • But this is equivalent to admitting that they express status and not relationship, and no proof has ever been given that they were ever anything else.
  • She felt somehow that he was to be trusted; just as in the first moment of their acquaintance she had turned to him with an instinctive confidence, at once admitting him to her friendship.
  • Those who impute to the Templars the holding of a secret doctrine naturally regard this as the cause of their not admitting to their chapters those who were not initiated in it.
  • The request was refused, Herr von Jagow admitting to the Minister that no other answer was possible.
  • She was almost at the point of admitting to herself that her story, as far as she had gone with it, could never be taken seriously by any one with any pretense of intelligence.

Definition of Admitting

present participle of admit | An act of admission; an allowing to enter.
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