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  • Felicia was looking at him with adoring eyes.
  • By all on high adoring mortals know!
  • How thrilled and adoring he would have one time been.
  • Madonna adoring Child.
  • Warrior adoring Infant Christ.
  • St. Francis adoring Christ.
  • Three Women and a Man adoring the Holy Spirit.
  • MacLeod, his adoring eyes on Nina Ide, had no word to say.
  • I had thought about him so much and with such adoring reverence.
  • He had the air of an adoring devotee before some sacred shrine.
  • In a fond wife's adoring eyes?
  • Peter's black eyes filled with adoring gratitude.
  • The dwarf drank in the delicate radiance of her face with adoring eyes.
  • The little girl had kept looking at her sister with loving, adoring eyes.
  • I could only worship her afar off, like any adoring citizen of Atvatabar.
  • ANDRE, Morosini Family adoring Virgin.
  • CZERNIN, Venetian adoring Cross.
  • And when her voice swelled on the breeze, Adoring bowed, as to a God!
  • Engl, transl., i. 97, gives a picture of Khoi-Khoi adoring the mantis.

How To Use Adoring In A Sentence?

  • John tries to tell how great was the volume of adoring song that fills all heaven.
  • He put up a respectful and adoring nose, and his mistress kissed him between the eyes.
  • It wore the adoring gaze of the fond parent, who thinks his child is a marvel and a prodigy.
  • But the most wonderful flights of the soul are made during a high adoring contemplation of God.
  • God is holy: we are to sanctify Him in acknowledging and adoring and honouring that holiness.
  • He limited himself to contemplating her in silence, with his moist, adoring Moorish eyes.
  • But Dinkey, followed by a slavishly adoring brindle mule, declined to be rounded up.
  • As lovers do, with frank, adoring eyes, Where the long street of lifted steeples lies.
  • Beloved Lord! again have I seen, with adoring wonder, what Thou art willing to be to me.
  • The Saint is represented on her Knees, adoring the Cross, which she holds in her Left-hand.
  • In the soul of the goddess what must have been the joy of being surrounded by such an ocean of adoring love?
  • Much more, it is only under the inspiration of adoring love and joy that we can ourselves be made holy.
  • Courthope rose up and followed her glance, almost an adoring glance, to the portrait he had before observed.
  • In one scene he painted the Birth of Jesus Christ, and in another the Magi adoring Him.
  • And the angels stood around him, adoring him, as a king's guards stand around him.
  • And then this same adoring crowd turned against him, imprisoned him for heresy, tortured him, burnt him to the stake.
  • The gentleman auctioneer must be an artist above all, adoring his profession; and adoring it, what must he not know?
  • The young autocrat walked to the window as he shook off his adoring vassal, and stared out for a little with his hands deeply dug into his pockets.
  • Beyond, by the arbor, were two smaller trees, where a coquettish eye on one looked up to an adoring eye on the other.
  • What divine anguish in the loosened limbs and bending body of Christ; what piety in the adoring old man!
  • He challenged the whole business, and then he swung round to adoring it all, the world and Whoever made it.

Definition of Adoring

Showing adoration or admiration. | present participle of adore | adoration
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