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  • But is when unadorned, adorned the most.
  • Blue-green lazurite no longer adorned the walls.
  • It is no derogation to rank to elevate beauty adorned with virtue.
  • This ancient street was adorned by a row of ram-headed sphinxes on each side.
  • The former is very richly furnished, and adorned with admirable Paintings.
  • The Middle Age adorned itself with proofs of manhood and devotion.

How To Use Adorned In A Sentence?

  • The walls and ceiling are adorned with the strangest articles of witch-furniture.
  • The outside was adorned with shields and devices of the family, and crested with battlements.
  • The pointed turrets of the castle are all painted red, and adorned with fantastic weathercocks.
  • The higher arcades were adorned with statues and chariots, and admitted light and air.
  • The large Gothic windows are adorned with handsome sculptures and stained glass.
  • The Arimaspians were a one-eyed people of Scythia who adorned their hair with gold.
  • Irish goldsmiths made the rich vessels that adorned the tables both of Normans and Irish.
  • Van der Hoop left twenty-four more pictures, which had adorned her house, to complete the gift.
  • He has not paid due homage to several of the great writers that adorned the reign of Louis XIV.
  • It is adorned with Pilasters and Bas-Reliefs of white Marble, executed with infinite Art.
  • An indifferent speaker, he nevertheless adorned the bench by the soundness of his law and the excellence of his judgments.
  • They nearly always represent a countryside adorned with ancient ruins and frequented by demi-nude nymphs.
  • The roof is still preserved, and traces of the painting that originally adorned the walls are yet to be seen.
  • The flowers with which the table is adorned would then harmonise with the other things, and much beauty might be produced.
  • And she went toward a dignified personage who was entering, adorned with many orders and an aristocratic beard.
  • Few esteemed themselves in the mode, whose heads were not adorned with the black ragged staff, his badge.
  • How are the daughters of tradesmen at this time adorned with the ducal coronets, and seen riding in the coaches of the best of our nobility!
  • For he had then attained the priesthood, and was held in great veneration as one who adorned with his holy life the priestly office.
  • As the wings of a fly are adorned with a brilliant array of colors, we can follow the trajectory or figure that each wing writes in the air.
  • His dress was a light vest and short trousers, while his palm-leaf hat was adorned with a bunch of brilliant feathers.
  • But she had fastened a huge red bow into her black hair, and fancied herself sufficiently adorned in comparison to the barefooted children.
  • Our home was roughly adorned in fur and feather, and a number of gaunt lurchers always constituted part of the family.
  • The beautiful old Seraglio that formerly adorned this splendid site was burned down a few years ago.
  • But when the figure was adorned with the long-since vanished crown, the original height may have reached sixty-nine feet.
  • He looked ten years older; the color of his hair was changed, and a fine mustache adorned his upper lip.
  • The interior of the room was exceedingly dirty, while the faded paper, which once gaudily adorned it, now hung in shreds from the walls.
  • Some of them adorned the most polished circles in their midst, and many held an enviable position in the State of their nativity or residence.
  • She was now sitting with her bare arms crossed, and with her head, still adorned with flowers, sunk upon her uncovered bosom.
  • The Earl himself drove the four iron grays, adorned with blue ribbons on the nets which protected them from the flies.
  • They put on the rich dresses with which the sultan had supplied them, and adorned the castle of Massyat with everything that was good and fine.
  • The ball-room was decorated by Kosciuszko, who adorned it with festoons of magnolia leaves and with flowers cunningly fashioned of paper.
  • I may have seen at other times, but I do not remember, such winter lace-work as then adorned the hedges.
  • The caduceus of Mercury was a rod adorned with wings, having a male and female serpent twisted about it, each kissing the other.
  • There were also several great cabinets inlaid, and adorned with precious stones; but they are not made in Spain.

Definition of Adorned

Having been decorated or embellished through applied items or alterations (adornments). | simple past tense and past participle of adorn
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