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  • Have you exempt the mind adorning grace?
  • Its verdure threw adorning grace.
  • Instead of adorning a minister, it clad the corpse.
  • Your philosophical historian points his moral by adorning his tale.
  • In the meantime two bridesmaids were adorning the bride in her room.
  • For every adorning some brother man had groaned and smarted under the lash.
  • This is the bestowal of divine idealism, the crown adorning human heads.
  • Emma cried, and he tried to console her, adorning his protestations with puns.

How To Use Adorning In A Sentence?

  • The age was eminently religious, but the poet could not aid in erecting and adorning its temples.
  • And afterwards there was endless waiting for Georgina, who could not finish adorning herself.
  • One singular episode in the mediocrity of art adorning it, is the tomb of Pietro dei Medici.
  • Presumably life to her meant only a continuous process of adorning herself and receiving admiration.
  • The detective turned toward the boy who had risen and was fumbling awkwardly with the brass buttons adorning his uniform.
  • The plant isn't very adorning in its usual ragged growth, but it was universally planted.
  • The adorning of the pictures of saints would be idle trifling if the heart wandered far from the spirit of the saints.
  • His time is too much occupied in shaving, and other matters connected with the vain adorning of the body.
  • He was a decided advance on those painters to whom colour was as arbitrary a means of adorning a good work as the gilt frame they placed about it.
  • Grizel was sitting by the side of the stream, adorning her hat fantastically with roses red and white and some that were neither.
  • They were at best but the fevered flush adorning my sickly state in the eyes of others, and fatally disguising it from my own.
  • Between adorning and being adorned, the difference was so great, it set my face quite another way directly.
  • Medina extols the magnificence of the churches in Manila, and the liberality displayed by the faithful in adorning them.
  • Her husband, though confined to bed, could see her adorning herself to go in search of amusement with her admirer.
  • Sinclair trifled for a moment with an exquisite specimen of artificial flowers, adorning an alabaster vase; but he gave no answer.
  • The young men are equally scrupulous in adorning their persons; although, in many instances, very negligent in improving their minds.
  • Did any lady ever see a gentleman with an embroidered waistcoat, and a profusion of chains, rings, and trinkets adorning his person?
  • His many works at Wells are noticed in our other chapters; in his will he states that he spent 6000 marks in repairing and adorning his palaces.
  • Here, too, was Apollo, cursing his murderous hand and adorning his unstrung lyre with the flower just created.
  • Among the artists employed in adorning the Cathedral there was not one more devoted to the Church than Pacheco.
  • There is, for instance, what may be called the 'Infant prodigy' beard, a monstrosity adorning the chin of a quite youthful officer.
  • The travellers and their attendant group of urchins had now passed out of sight behind a screen of the thick foliage, which we have described as adorning the sheltered bottom of the glen.
  • Her likeness, so the story runs, is preserved in the angel face, by Benevenuto Cellini, adorning the head.
  • Nicopolis, the City of Victory, was founded upon the site of his camp, with the beaks of the captured ships as trophies adorning its forum.
  • There were but few to see them, but every eye in range was aware of her and of a refined simplicity of dress adorning a figure whose pliant grace was the finishing touch to her joyous erectness.
  • This was accomplished by adding an elegance to debauch, by clothing vice with a sort of grandeur, and by adorning scandal with a semblance of the glory and grace of the courtier of old.
  • And so, while adorning our University with his presence and outshining all in the maturity and dignity of his character, he won the love of all by his spotless name.
  • Smith, being of a practical turn of mind, instead of adorning himself with memorial jewellery for which he had no use, invested the hundred pounds in an exceedingly promising speculation.
  • Coldriver had seen tailor-made clothing before, worn by drummers and visitors, but it is doubtful if it had ever really experienced one personally adorning one of its own citizens.
  • Before coming, some of them keep the Palanquin waiting for an hour or so, while they are engaged at their toilet and adorning their persons with divers ornaments.
  • It will perhaps surprise some people to know that the custom of placing vases of flowers on the altar, so far from being a modern innovation, is one of the most ancient ways of adorning it.
  • The capture of Corinth conduced much to the adorning of the city: many fine specimens of art being transferred from thence to the abode of the conquerors.

Definition of Adorning

present participle of adorn | (archaic) An adornment.
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