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  • And his self adulation was incessant.
  • This comedy of adulation disgusted me.
  • And there he met with both adulation and opposition.
  • But the adulation of him was short-lived.
  • Until now she had had nothing but adulation from love.
  • He was fresh from the adulation of his bookish world.
  • They sold themselves for luxury and the adulation of coarse men.
  • Never was a poor fellow in this world less suited to adulation of this sort.
  • They supplied an agreeable acid amid a general adulation that bored him.
  • I had my being from so foule a lumpe Of adulation and unthankfulnesse.
  • All this popular adulation was grateful to Mackenzie's soul.
  • After this rare bit of adulation Moliere's fortune was made.
  • Herr Presber's book is free, neither from adulation nor hero-worship.

How To Use Adulation In A Sentence?

  • The incense of adulation did not make as sweet an odor in her nostrils as one might have supposed.
  • Proud, both from adulation and native disposition, he yet was polite and affable.
  • It was in these moods of adulation and self-revelation that Marishka found him most difficult.
  • If you people will think back you'll realize you've all been raised on adulation of Germany.
  • She received her adulation partly because people didn't know much then about music.
  • He was of a stanch sort, but he was a man, and the adulation of such a beautiful girl as this touched him.
  • It took sixty seconds to perceive that the closely cherished ideal of his boyhood had been worthy of every moment of adulation expended on it.
  • Wo to this country, when the people shall become to those in place, the object of adulation and of an affected idolatry.
  • Never would I purchase the blandishments of adulation and the glare of opulence at the price of my honesty.
  • The chronicles of the time tell of the remarkable beauty of Maria and of the adulation she enjoyed in the heyday of her prosperity.
  • Surrounded by adulation at home and abroad, her self-conceit became inordinate, tempting her to the most absurd feats of skill.
  • If she saw the stiffening of the girl's face and the rigid aversion of her eyes from the old nurse's adulation she gave no sign.
  • There was a curious mixture of contempt, of fear, and of adulation in Linnevitch's voice.
  • It is very true; nor am I inclined to impute adulation to one of the honestest statesmen and brightest names in our annals.
  • Each, too, had his court of followers, and every courtier shared in the power, the luxury, and the adulation accruing to his lord.
  • Are you sure, that it is not rather the form under which you choose to conceal from yourself, that her adulation is become necessary to you?
  • In proportion as he was to the former an object of adulation and pride did the latter hoard up in his heart for him enduring envy and insatiable hate.
  • He had not the kind of intelligence that would have enabled him to take at their worth the rhetorical phrases of adulation heaped upon him on festal occasions.
  • The utmost heights of panegyric and adulation have been scaled in describing her and her work; also the lowest depths of denunciation and of calumny.
  • Not less certain is it that the spirit of this commemoration imposes no task of vindication or defense, and tolerates no tone of adulation or applause.
  • Anonymous letters he never read, and his daughters and nieces often snatched from the flames letters of adulation as well as censure which he had not read.
  • Not that he was a heartless man, but there were so many things in his world to make him forget, and a little pleasant adulation is grateful to the most of us.
  • She was afflicted by a craving for influence, and it was not the adulation of men she wanted, but an insight into their thoughts and purposes, and the privilege of controlling them.
  • His popularity as a lecturer was so great that his best friends feared that the head of the brilliant provincial youth of twenty-two might be turned by the adulation of which he soon became the object.
  • She looked back with remorse and self-upbraiding at her past caprices; she turned with distaste from the adulation of her admirers, and had no longer any relish for the amusements of the village.
  • Surely anyone who looks into himself and sees its void or malformation ought by rights to shrink from adulation of self, and his own opinion should appear to him merely as one candle among a thousand.
  • Thus also should history be written, rather anxious to gain the approbation of posterity by truth and merit, than to acquire present applause by adulation and falsehood.

Definition of Adulation

Flattery; fulsome praise.
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