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  • I do not contend against the advantages of distrust.
  • The advantages of commercial specialism are numerous.
  • He had tested those advantages time and time again.
  • There are advantages in the old hat and box-coat.
  • What are the advantages of the harmonic party-line system?
  • I had still, however, some advantages in my favor.
  • It is always best to get these advantages at the beginning of the game.
  • Many are taking those studies, and are deriving great advantages therefrom.
  • He wishes you to have exactly the same advantages as Brenda and Herbert.
  • But I have tried to give my daughter what advantages I could.

How To Use Advantages In A Sentence?

  • Mention at least two advantages that a metal condenser has over a glass condenser.
  • It had great advantages both for seclusion within itself and communication with the world outside.
  • William having admired the plane, was struck with the advantages which might be gained from it.
  • Where economy of winding space is desirable the advantages of this may readily be seen.
  • These important advantages were not conceded by the Templars without equivalent considerations.
  • Therefore, circulars describing the organization, methods, and advantages were distributed.
  • Poor Hettie: she wept quietly while the advantages of the scheme were being pointed out.
  • Mr. Stanley Whistlecraft was not so stupid as to miss the advantages of such a proposal as this.
  • I wanted you to have advantages that I never had: as good as Norman Wentworth or any one else.
  • Possibly the advantages of specialism might be retained and yet the elasticity of supply be enhanced.
  • As confidence is established she may venture to other neighborhoods or centers of distribution where more advantages can be gained.
  • The fact that they were captive gave them certain advantages over the airplane for particular lines of work.
  • The advantages claimed for this plan are that the home economics experts can devote their time exclusively to their own field.
  • On the other hand, this same grouping introduces negative advantages as well as the foregoing positive ones.
  • They were quick to adapt themselves to new conditions and above all to avail themselves of the advantages of Western education.
  • The use and advantages of the induction coil in so-called local-battery telephone sets have already been explained in previous chapters.
  • They have, for the greater part, succeeded; and they have many advantages towards procuring their success in future.
  • It is true that in Fairy-land there are advantages which cannot always be reckoned upon by commonplace children in this commonplace world.
  • You go on down, Pringle, while the sheriff is looking over the relative advantages of the two propositions.
  • I was game to be sure, for I was a gentleman; but he had the clownish advantages of bone and muscle.
  • Now, all of a sudden, she perceived that life in shirt-sleeves possessed certain advantages over a well-bred existence in full dress.
  • But it would be a travesty of the truth to assert that Germany has not envied her that position, together with the advantages arising from it.
  • Each class fixes its eyes on the advantages it has not; the refined, on rude strength; the democrat, on birth and breeding.
  • By this means she afforded the States admitted to her confidence, certain advantages which they could employ for their own ends at any moment.
  • German discipline is replaced by British liberty, with its advantages to the individual and corresponding disadvantages for the State.
  • In actual yields "per tapping" over the whole period the alternate-day and the third-day divisions showed advantages of 20 and 35 per cent.
  • He had few advantages of early education and training, but in 1848 he obtained a cadetship at West Point.
  • For the sake of these advantages they were willing to put up with housing conditions that were worse than those of the men who tried co-operative housekeeping.
  • It would also be necessary to see that the foreign-speaking mothers were informed of the advantages of the playground and convinced of its safety for their children.
  • Women who have had greater advantages in Europe as well as in the United States give their services as teachers.

Definition of Advantages

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of advantage | plural of advantage
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