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  • I have advertised your house.
  • It was not advertised for sale.
  • Your people advertised for him about three years ago.
  • He advertised his show, and promised marvels.
  • The proposed meeting was however advertised far and wide.
  • We advertised and employed detectives, with no result.
  • I then distributed notices that advertised me as a merchant and physician.
  • It was a special occasion and was widely advertised for several weeks.
  • They advertised the attraction in capital letters and created a furore.
  • Sid's face advertised a chronic distrust of his senses.
  • The flood film was widely advertised and put on that Thursday night.
  • And he advertised a free supper fer the very next Sunday night.
  • He relapsed, however, for I saw his book advertised in a few days.
  • So when I saw them advertised in Hartford I sent for a thousand at once.
  • What the "False Carpets" advertised on June 7, 1762, were I do not know.
  • A very popular and much advertised tooth-wash was called "Dentium Conservator.
  • Our meeting was advertised to take place at nine o'clock, A.M.

How To Use Advertised In A Sentence?

  • I will not be advertised to the world as a medium, and I must have rest from this strain.
  • A new paper, literary and political, has just been advertised at Constantinople.
  • In the advertised 'Blackwood,' do you see an article called 'Poetic Aberration'?
  • Meanwhile his fine person had been locally advertised and brought under the notice of the medical body.
  • Preparations are now advertised for which claims are made that their employment renders the surface of such floors waterproof and dustproof.
  • Pewter voiders abounded and were advertised in newspapers, as were wicker and china voiders in 1740.
  • I don't remember it just now, but you can see it advertised round on the trolley-cars.
  • The ten minutes seemed interminable that elapsed ere the grinding couplings advertised the imminence of their start.
  • It will reduce the list of advertised letters which has increased within a few years more than three hundred per cent.
  • His widow married another mason, who advertised that he would pay all claims against his forerunner.
  • Harry says he advertised for her in several newspapers, but that he received no information from any source respecting where she lived.
  • There is a story that tells of a man who advertised for a coachman, and three men answered the advertisement.
  • Then they went treacherously around and advertised the "sell" which they were going to play upon me.
  • In watching me so carefully, and beating me at the game, you have advertised your interest in me to scores of people.
  • They looked the city over and advertised in every paper, but they could not find her, and they thought the world of her too.
  • Books are sometimes advertised in these terms; but they are not definite, because the sheets of the different varieties of paper vary in size.
  • Negro children were advertised to be given away in Boston, and were sold by the pound as was other merchandise.
  • Thress was widely advertised as a victim of dropsy, who, after a complete fast of more than a month, was restored to sound health.
  • He never advertised himself in the newspapers, nevertheless he regarded himself as a steward of the Almighty, and used his money accordingly.
  • The widely advertised pastes and liquids for cleaning metal-work, particularly brass, often contain acids or alkalies that are injurious to metals.
  • Berlioz, however, managed to secure the concession over the head of Cherubini, and advertised his concert.
  • The vessels were taken to Philadelphia, and Girard persistently advertised for the owners of the valuables.
  • The lodging A. was again advertised in the paper on Tuesday; could you not have arranged about this?

Definition of Advertised

simple past tense and past participle of advertise
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