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  • An advertiser should not be discouraged too soon.
  • No advertiser wants to use it then.
  • Greatest advertiser the world ever saw!
  • Commercial Advertiser (New York).
  • Remember, it's the advertiser that pays.
  • No advertiser cares to put money into a publication which may fail next week.
  • When an advertiser tries to control news or editorial policy, I step in.
  • Your keen advertiser doesn't waste time fishing in dead pools.

How To Use Advertiser In A Sentence?

  • Ayers has to trade the account out, as he has to do with every other advertiser in the town.
  • With so many Bolshevists about we think the advertiser should have used a less provocative phrase.
  • Square, she had little doubt but that the advertiser wished to thank, and perhaps to reward, her.
  • You all know who Babson is, the biggest stock-market advertiser in the country.
  • We wish that we could as safely recommend every advertiser who patronizes these columns as we can our wife.
  • When the advertiser saw the cathedral spires over the downs in the distance, he looked at them and wept.
  • This is more direct, and affords the advertiser the opportunity of setting forth his claims more fully.
  • With noiseless suddenness all the lurid light which the advertiser had thrown around the star died away.
  • What a charming person must this advertiser be, if we may judge from the high value which he sets on his society!
  • Then he remembered another place further along the glen which was almost as pretty as this had been before the defiling brush of the advertiser had ruined it.
  • We understand that the advertiser has also for sale some priceless statuary by the eminent sculptor, Platre de Paris.
  • There were the usual requests for the return of absent friends, and several cryptic messages understood only by the advertiser and the person to whom the message was addressed.
  • Sometimes she was sympathetically received, twice she was insulted, but that was where she found the dominant male had been advertiser under cover of what looked like one of her own sex.
  • The advertiser being a man of some present and still more prospective wealth, requires no fortune, the sole objects of his search being love and domestic felicity.

Definition of Advertiser

One who advertises. | A periodical in which advertisements can be published by individuals.
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