Advise In A Sentence

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  • Is that what you advise me!
  • He will advise him right.
  • I shall advise you of the result.
  • All my counsellors advise delay.
  • Do you advise me to bring suit?
  • We advise every one to read it.
  • Oh, please advise me.
  • After this discussion you shall advise me of the matter.
  • Some makers advise 140 deg.
  • I merely advise rest and perfect quiet.
  • Anyhow, let me advise you not to do any more to-night.
  • Your dear head is able to advise my poor perplexed heart.
  • Then I shall advise her to try concert.
  • Should I advise it else, sweet love?
  • I do not advise an House of Lords to you.
  • However you advise him, he will probably do as he thinks best.
  • I advise you to be careful, for when you fall you will fall far.
  • I most strongly advise the art-student to study these works in enamel.
  • I shall advise your Reverence of such event on the first occasion.
  • For your own convenience, sir, I would advise you to avoid him.
  • We are trying to secure Dato Ache; if we succeed in this, I shall advise you.
  • And I say, old chap, before I go back to my Cholly-talk again, advise me.
  • But I advise you, Rather experience what a friend I am, Than what an enemy.
  • Tunder and turf! didn't yourself advise me to take this public house?
  • Jack said: "I would advise you not to cry out when he descends.

How To Use Advise In A Sentence?

  • They advise me to strengthen myself with nourishing food in the meanwhile.
  • Philip was not the man to advise in a matter which at the time required a heroic faith.
  • I could merely advise you to follow the old instructions of being kind and considerate.
  • Each Superintendent please acknowledge and advise all agents on your division by wire.
  • I hope he is so, but I advise you to stop his coming to the camp just now if you can.
  • I cannot too strongly advise the young ornamentist to study the principles on which Nature works.
  • Personally, I would advise you to go back to the schooner and blow your brains out.
  • Here let me advise those visiting Persia to follow my example, and buy their saddlery in Tiflis.
  • I advise very strongly that the student carefully consider the illustrations which accompany this chapter.
  • The visitors are thus enabled to advise the individual families with more effect than can the specialized worker.
  • My education was not neglected, but there was no one to advise me upon points of more serious importance.
  • As a matter of fact, these new rich people who buy country places are often glad to have somebody to advise them.
  • These sometimes advise the introduction of warm water (or of steam into the cold water supply) for an interval during the working of each charge.
  • They have had the kindness to advise me that, if my object is to make converts, I am pursuing the wrong course.
  • The gaffers scrambled for places, wedged in a compact circle, the spectators standing behind them to advise or take a hand as occasion offered.

Definition of Advise

(transitive) To give advice to; to offer an opinion to, as worthy or expedient to be followed. | (transitive) To recommend; to offer as advice. | (transitive) To give information or notice to; to inform or counsel; — with of before the thing communicated.
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