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  • Having thus engaged her honor, the advisor to the editor sat her down to plan.

How To Use Advisor In A Sentence?

  • He has not flown, and has acted as advisor to his company as they turn out more and more modern planes.
  • While the personnel advisor busied himself setting up the radio equipment, Ellaby had a few seconds in which to think.
  • Any one having the benefit of it should be able to convince his medical advisor that there is good reason why this kind of professional knowledge should be brought to bear on his case.
  • Ellaby stifled a wild impulse to scream and run out of there, run any place as long as he could leave the room and the personnel advisor behind him.
  • He would gladly name all the names he knew if the personnel advisor would only let him forget the whole mad experience and return to High Falls.
  • He was a great dictator, being largely instrumental as an independent advisor in the selection of Harrison, Taylor and Scott.

Definition of Advisor

One who offers advice.
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