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  • He took an aesthetic pleasure in the beautiful story.
  • Every aesthetic influence within him responded to what he saw.
  • I cared for nothing but that sublimely aesthetic impression.
  • And that is rather a one-sidedly practical or aesthetic way of looking at it.
  • In the religion of valor, also, we may find aesthetic elements.
  • Poor Harry had an aesthetic sense, and I did my best to gratify it.

How To Use Aesthetic In A Sentence?

  • But very soon this purely aesthetic pleasure became also an excitement of the intellect.
  • Give two examples of questions of aesthetic taste which you have recently heard argued.
  • The image created in the mind which sustains the devotion of the individual is also an aesthetic form.
  • Finally, there are the arguments of policy which deal with matters of taste and aesthetic preference.
  • By the strength of its aesthetic appeal war must control and overcome the instinct of self-preservation.
  • Every question which in the end involves questions of aesthetic taste is as futile to argue as questions of the palate.
  • I sometimes suspect that aesthetic culture takes more true love of nature out of the soul than it inspires.
  • But their beauty and their aesthetic influence are both the result of a well-directed expenditure of large sums of money.
  • Hellenic taste and the principles of high art ratify the condemnation passed on the novel by the aesthetic goddesses.
  • This is the motive of the war dance, which as an aesthetic form produces this ecstasy of the feeling of power.
  • We're becoming nothing but a summer resort for the aesthetic quasi-respectables ...
  • Schumann devoted himself to composition and aesthetic criticism, after he had passed through a thorough course of preparatory studies.
  • Is not this the effect of the aesthetic law of contrasts, according to which azure stands out prominently beside black?
  • Religion was due accordingly to aesthetic impressions from without, answering an aesthetic and intellectual inner need.
  • The aesthetic philosophy was wearing thin; it had already begun to fray and reveal its essential shabbiness.
  • You cannot absolve psychology as if it stood independent of ethics or religion, nor can aesthetic considerations merely supervene on moral.
  • All social life contains elements that appeal to the aesthetic sense, and these aesthetic elements are by no means solely ornamental.
  • The aesthetic forms of war take war out of the field of reason, and on occasion make it transcend or pervert reason.
  • It must not be supposed that Aristotle wrote in a rigidly scientific style because he had no aesthetic sense.
  • In architecture, which combines the aesthetic and practical elements, the man of antiquity was at least the equal of the man of the present.
  • To the glory of the individual, which is an aesthetic appeal, is added the still stronger appeal of the ideal of national glory.
  • Yonder narrowed a gorge, fine and delicately covered, pleasing to one's aesthetic sense.
  • If we may judge a theory by its results, when compared with the deliberate verdict of the world, your aesthetic does not seem to hold water.
  • But take, on the other hand, all that goes with the aesthetic side of education, with imaginative literature and the cult of beauty.
  • Another element, aesthetic in motive and form, obviously related to the reproductive functions of the individual, is the display motive.
  • Some inherent dislike for anything that was not solid, that was not genuine, had served Vetch as a kind of aesthetic discrimination.
  • In practice these three kinds of arguments, which turn on moral, practical, and aesthetic considerations, tend to be much mingled.
  • A fourth method is by making the schoolhouse a meeting-place for the community, more especially for the intellectual and aesthetic activities of the community.
  • The advanced Puritans sought to exclude from Christian worship everything pleasing to the aesthetic sense, confounding bareness with simplicity.
  • Oh, yes, I am sensible to aesthetic impressions, I have been educated to believe that there is a soul in them.
  • The precious people, the aesthetic upstarts, make fun of Edison and his 'canned music,' as they call it ...
  • Cavillers might have complained that the railway embankment skirting the place on one side marred the aesthetic harmony of the whole, but if there were any such they remained discreetly silent.
  • The warrior tries to create in his person the appearance of power, and also by the aesthetic forms he introduces into his warfare, the feeling of power.
  • The latter is the supreme over-soul, that Absolute Mind which in our highest moods, aesthetic and religious, we approximate to.

Definition of Aesthetic

Concerned with beauty, artistic impact, or appearance. | (nonstandard) Beautiful or appealing to one's sense of beauty and/or art. | The study of art or beauty.
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