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  • In the discussion of aesthetics such impartiality can seldom be expected.
  • In modern times aesthetics is recognized as a separate division of philosophy.

How To Use Aesthetics In A Sentence?

  • It is wrong to mar beauty; that is an axiom of all aesthetics and of all ethics.
  • But if that is our conclusion, it merely proves that our theories of aesthetics are poorer than the creativity they seek to describe.
  • This idea is in flat violation of the whole history and aesthetics of the form, which can never be understood by means of a study of averages.
  • We cannot trace this error to its source and expose the many fallacies it contains without going deeper into aesthetics than is here necessary or desirable.
  • But it is a failure, nevertheless; and it must become a serious question in aesthetics how far the spellbound reader may be tortured with an interest which the power awakening it is not adequate to gratify.

Definition of Aesthetics

The study or philosophy of beauty.
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