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How To Use Affability In A Sentence?

  • All the children thus addressed will be pleased with the gentleness and affability of the teacher.
  • Apafi wore an affable air; but it was the affability of princely condescension.
  • He would afterwards talk to you with all the smiling affability and freedom of an old friend.
  • A general grave affability of her eyes and smiles was taken for quiet pleasure in the scene.
  • Kirilla Matveitch received me with more effusiveness and affability than he had ever done.
  • The affability and justice of the King prompted him to listen to all his subjects.
  • With an affability that was as unusual as it was suspicious, Dunwoodie smiled at him.
  • No man ever preserved his dignity better when he was out of power, nor shewed more affability while he was in.
  • Even when he wished to be extraordinary civil, there was an evident affability and condescension about him that very few could stand.
  • Under that austere exterior beats a warm heart and an affability of manner to which the lowliest of his peasants will gladly testify.
  • As he ate and drank, he was all affability and information to the group of the curious who gathered round the car.
  • Brande received me with the easy affability of a man to whom good breeding had ceased to be a habit, and had become an instinct.
  • The affability and gentleness of her manners, had endeared her even more than her personal attractions, to all who frequented her court.
  • The air of dignity conspicuous in this respectable old man, rendered the affability with which he received me yet more interesting.
  • In silence he heard the motion carried, and silently and without his usual affability he turned and left the room.
  • Count Erskyll chatted with forced affability while the departing committeemen were being seen to the launch that would take them down.
  • The affability of Matvy Ilyitch's demeanour could only be equalled by its dignity.
  • Elfgiva sparkled with delight and greeted the Tall One with more affability than she had ever before deigned his gruffness.
  • The chief cause of this triumphant state of things, beyond all question, was the high spirit, the generosity, and the affability of the empress.
  • This unexpected and agreeable decision was accompanied by an invitation to supper, at which we were treated by our host with much affability and kindness.
  • Some minutes after Mademoiselle de Breil again raised her eyes, desiring me with a voice of timid affability to give her some drink.
  • We had the good and gallant General Wolfe on board our ship, whose affability made him highly esteemed and beloved by all the men.
  • The extraordinary discretion with which he performed this function of his office, preserving his dignity and affability in the most trying situations, endeared him to the people.
  • The cattle-dealer alighted at his destination, greatly impressed by the affability of the noblemen, and convinced that all he had heard of their arrogance was false.
  • He had a great advantage for thus making himself arbiter of everything, in having more affability and more shrewdness than the governor, who was naturally harsh and unamiable and easily fretted.
  • Whereas Lessard had acted the martinet with MacRae, he took another tack and became the very essence of affability toward me.
  • These things being so, on the whole, perhaps, we should be grateful to the eminent athlete for the comparative affability of his demeanour, so long as he is not seriously contradicted.
  • But if affability arise from an emotion, it is ambition or desire, by which men, generally under a false pretense of piety, excite discords and seditions.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Affability | Affability Sentence

  • Their former affability was gone.
  • Here we were received with more affability than at the previous places.
  • Her seriousness was not abated by her smiles of affability and welcome.
  • The readiness and affability of this man gave me much satisfaction.
  • However, we were received with much affability and were given presents.
  • He soon detects a condescending smile and mock affability in a speaker.
  • Urbanity is half of affability, and affability is a charm worth possessing.
  • Mr Willet's affability was at once restored by this frank and manly statement.

Definition of Affability

The state or quality of being affable, friendly, or approachable.
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