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  • There is no affectation in this.
  • It has no affectation of slang.
  • But ridiculous affectation it is!
  • There was no least affectation in this.
  • Wyatt laid his affectation aside.
  • Avoid an affectation of excessive modesty.
  • I could not help smiling; there was no affectation here.
  • There is much affectation abroad, and some hypocrisy.
  • Cicero laughs at the affectation of the rich Atticus.
  • This wasn't an affectation on Sylvia's part.
  • Beware of affectation and of Beau Brummel airs.
  • If there is an affectation in it 'tis natural to me.
  • Her affectation of fashion and politeness cannot transcend ours.
  • There was no affectation about her, no pretence of being what she was not.
  • With a fine affectation of unconcern she began her questioning.
  • Her very freedom from affectation and consciousness had a touch of disdain.
  • He got up and walked about with affectation of vast indifference.
  • I strove to comfort her, for there was no affectation in all this.
  • And all was done under an affectation of sympathy that was deeply touching.
  • His talent in writing is vitiated by his affectation and other faults.
  • A subtle affectation is surely a different thing from modesty.
  • With a lugubrious affectation of grief the funeral pageant passed.
  • A scornful affectation and awkward dignity began to be assumed.
  • Never believe in a woman's affectation of indifference.
  • The slightest affectation in tone or gesture was detected and judged by her.
  • He tried to put off the evil hour by an affectation of concern.
  • This would sound like affectation to others, but will not to you.

How To Use Affectation In A Sentence?

  • Also there is some bad taste and affectation in the dressing of her personality.
  • Jackson complied with an affectation of acquiescent gayety ludicrous to behold.
  • Never had there been so riotous a jargon of distorted affectation and ponderous balderdash.
  • In all probability he imitated to affectation the manners of the country which he had adopted.
  • All affectation or assumption of superiority in this respect is offensive and worse than useless.
  • It may appear an affectation to speak of this as in any sense a cry of victory.
  • It was our affectation to be a little detached from the main stream of undergraduate life.
  • In this republican country it is considered an affectation and bad taste so to make use of them.
  • She sat down at once on the edge of a chair, without any affectation of ceremony.
  • To wear gloves while playing cards is also an unnecessary affectation of elegance.
  • Isabella lastly took her seat in the chair without trepidation or affectation of alarm.
  • I thought there was the least touch of affectation of fussiness, but it may not be so.
  • I gazed at him in wonder, but there was no sign of affectation in his voice or eye.

Definition of Affectation

An attempt to assume or exhibit what is not natural or real; false display; artificial show. | An unusual mannerism.
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