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  • Isabel gave an affirmative nod.
  • Five affirmative arguments generally accepted.
  • Other affirmative evidence might be adduced.
  • The affirmative class monopolize the homage of mankind.
  • Hence, all poetry, and all affirmative action comes.
  • The Hungarian used his affirmative word again.
  • I had nothing but an insipid affirmative to give to these propositions.
  • To have acted on the affirmative hypothesis would have been to expect much.
  • He had put out his arm as though her affirmative were a foregone conclusion.
  • An answer in the affirmative seems scarcely liable to be challenged.
  • The head with his mass of tumbled hair gave an affirmative nod.
  • It is an affirmative answer; else all would have been silence.
  • On the affirmative the following points might be urged: 1.
  • Roland answered in the affirmative and then Turner struck in.
  • It was a certain affirmative or aggressive state of the Caucasian races.
  • There being an unanimously affirmative reply, young Joe proceeded.
  • By 'affirmation' we mean an affirmative proposition, by 'denial' a negative.

How To Use Affirmative In A Sentence?

  • Upon her answering in the affirmative they conferred for a moment, and then gave their names.
  • That negative argument is strong, but the affirmative argument is much stronger.
  • Why could she not take the leap gladly, as a woman should who had given the affirmative to a man?
  • Yes, but this is no more than the negative idea, and the demand is to give the affirmative idea.
  • Is it true that there is no judgment, even affirmative in form, which is not mixed with negation?
  • Your first question I can answer in the affirmative upon pretty good authority.
  • All the Democrats loudly voted in the affirmative and the Republicans in the negative.
  • These matters, moreover, called for an affirmative vote of nine States in each case.
  • Mr. Ridley, to whose evidence we shall return, was not the only affirmative witness.
  • Of course the old Tory type of Greek historian, like Mitford, revelled in an affirmative answer.
  • All answered in the affirmative and picks and shovels were plied with even more activity than before.
  • Had he lost not only all that was vital, but all that was stable, that was positive and affirmative in his life?
  • From it has arisen the doctrine of the synthesis of an affirmative and a negative into a higher conception, reconciling them both.
  • The affirmative is usually given the last speech, on the theory that it is a disadvantage to have to open the debate.
  • Schirr hesitated, knowing well that an affirmative answer might lead to questioning from the police.
  • We admit that in the reflective state every affirmative judgment supposes a negative judgment, and reciprocally.
  • It was skilfully done and drawn out with all the exaggerated effect of truth which bald negative and affirmative answers invariably carry.
  • It would seem as if every mind must accord an affirmative reply, as soon as the matter is fairly considered.
  • Finally, the proposition should, if possible, give to the negative as well as to the affirmative some constructive argument.
  • On his answering in the affirmative she paid him twenty dollars, the amount charged, and hastened back to her cabin.
  • An affirmative answer being given, the count then asked how many assessors should there be on the tribunal, and how the seat should be filled.
  • This affirmative force is in one, and is not in another, as one horse has the spring in him, and another in the whip.
  • The affirmative and negative answers are not, perhaps, irreconcilable, if we take account of the differences in races.

Definition of Affirmative

pertaining to truth; asserting that something is; affirming | pertaining to any assertion or active confirmation that favors a particular result | positive
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