Affluent In A Sentence

Definition of Affluent

Abundant; copious; plenteous. | (by extension) Abounding in goods or riches; having a moderate level of material wealth. | (dated) Tributary.

How To Use Affluent In A Sentence?

  • Goldsmiths offered marvellous wares for the purchase of the affluent dilettante.
  • Still those who hold our best names are very often not in affluent circumstances in this country.
  • The affluent swimmer could distinguish herself from the masses by wearing silk jersey.
  • The widow found herself unable to maintain the affluent state her lord had loved.
  • The haggard beggar and the affluent man of the world, must eventually share the same fate.
  • Both, following different paths, have achieved the affluent society, so called.
  • In due course we came to an affluent of our old friend the Chico, and had to ford.
  • Never allude publicly to times when you have known them in less affluent circumstances than the present.
  • Those of us affluent enough to maintain such non-essentials patch them ourselves until they are beyond reclamation.
  • It is cheap to note his increasing control of his affluent imagery and the growing mastery that makes him so fine an artist.
  • At the south-southeast there is another cut, through which a small affluent pours into the main stream.
  • The latter quality he possessed in affluent measure, but ever subordinate to the stronger passion of fear.
  • The comparatively affluent circumstances of her family had, however, rendered it unnecessary for her to practise this last accomplishment.
  • In this way, he made many friends, lost very few, and found himself in the most affluent circumstances from very extensive practice.
  • This affluent of the Cconi, flowing in from the south-south-west, was very sluggish as far as it could be seen.
  • Mein Gott in my affluent language means not the same, by hundreds of degrees, as the same phrase rendered into English.
  • Among the higher races, life is affluent in examples of the three kinds of beauty, two of them, and even all three, at times united in one subject.
  • At 1 o'clock I descended to a deep valley, in which flows an affluent of Beaver river.
  • They received me with that kind of embarrassment which is usual with people circumstanced as they are, who fancy themselves under obligations to the affluent for treating them with common civility.
  • At length we camped one night on the Beaver, a small affluent of the Republican, emptying into it from the south.
  • Shamsabad is a most wretched mud village without supplies, standing bare on a gravelly slope, above a clear quiet stream, an affluent of the Karun.
  • But ye remember that his parents were in affluent circumstances; they thought he had demeaned himself by his marriage, and they shut their door upon him, and disowned him athegither.
  • They have recently established a station and erected a Chapel on the Kanowit River, an affluent of the Rejang.
  • She wore a three-quarter length gray coat, cut in the smartest fashion, and a passing glance at her would have left one with the impression that she was in affluent circumstances.
  • Then the people were poor, struggling for a miserable existence, ground down by oppression; now the great majority are independent, and many are in affluent circumstances.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Affluent | Affluent Sentence

  • The affluent society.
  • The Journal was affluent and sparkling.
  • Tomsk is situated on the river Tom, an affluent of the Obi.
  • They charm only the enlightened rambler, or affluent possessor.
  • COLAPIS ant., affluent of the Drave.

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