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  • Served afloat as a boy.
  • It looks afloat on the water.
  • These had been kept afloat a few yards from the shore.
  • Pretty tidy sums must have been moving afloat just then.
  • The story of an early attachment was afloat in connection with his name.
  • There are few crafts afloat even at this day that equal it in elegance.
  • Or, Afloat with the Big Show on the Big River.
  • The most disquieting rumors had been afloat concerning Harvard.

How To Use Afloat In A Sentence?

  • Countless stories are afloat concerning this weird maelstrom of mud and bubbling water.
  • All sorts of rumors were afloat as to the movements of the enemy, as well as of our own army.
  • All sorts of rumors were afloat as to the results of the battle, also as to future movements.
  • Besides, in addition to its cheapness, all sorts of stories are afloat about the place.
  • He knew neither where to go nor what to do; he seemed afloat on the sea of ineffectual longing.
  • The box must have been brought in by the flood, after being afloat for perhaps many days.
  • For after all, it was the mysterious sea God had a mind to, never the derelict atoms afloat on it.
  • Like a bright thread of sound hung in the air, Afloat and swinging upward, slim and fair.
  • What I've seen in forty years afloat is naught to what I've seen these last few days.
  • Down at the School boat-house the enemy were already afloat when Painter and Jackson arrived.
  • The next day found Garth and Natalie afloat on Musquasepi, headed alone into the North.
  • No end of comment was excited by his appearance, and a thousand conjectures were afloat as to the object of his visit.
  • This is a slightly modified aeroplane with equipment that will keep it afloat on the water from which it may rise and fly at the will of the pilot.
  • When she is laid down for repairs, he takes the nearest lodging on hand, and abides there till she is afloat again.
  • Even the asparagus is spoilt by the native cook, being cut into inch cubes and set afloat in melted butter.
  • She laboured heavily, and it seemed doubtful whether she could be kept afloat long enough to run up the harbour.
  • Then, making a sudden dive, she leaves the little ones afloat and obliged to exert their own powers.
  • There is perhaps too much talk afloat about psychotherapy, the widest circles cultivate the discussion, the magazines overflow with it.
  • Meanwhile Pratt had discovered that their tea was afloat in the caddy, and the wick had been removed from their stove.
  • He was a good swimmer, but he had his arms and ammunition to keep dry, and he did not wish to trust himself afloat on the deep current.
  • Nat and Jonathan appeared as interested in their work as if no other boat, but their own, were afloat on the lake.
  • Upon certain festivals richly decorated boats, bearing the images or emblems of the gods, were set afloat upon these lakes.
  • The boat sprang clear of the breakers and crept out farther and farther, with six inches of water slopping in her bottom, but afloat and seaworthy.
  • He went up to three of the men, whose boat, being higher up than the rest, would not be afloat for another quarter of an hour.
  • Another year will find us financially bankrupt, and the enemy in all probability, in that case, free and fairly afloat by foreign aid.
  • They glanced intelligently at each other, but 'twas little they could do for one another; 'twas much if each could keep afloat alone.
  • The sea was warm, and unless unforeseen circumstances arose, I could keep afloat for an hour or more with little effort.
  • The idea that any one outside the Ark could have survived, and could now be afloat amid this turmoil of waters, had not occurred to their minds.
  • Nothing afloat was sacred to the Hun; and he seemed to take particular pride in destroying small vessels, even little sailing vessels.
  • But I glanced with a shiver down its terrible distance upon that nightmare of gulf and eminence, of gash, and peaks afloat upon swirling mists.
  • American newspapermen afloat in a liner like to flatter themselves that nothing with even the remotest odor of news ever escapes their insatiable quest.
  • Her first novel had been set afloat upon the world to fall into the hands of the lover of fiction or to be scanned by the scathing eye of the critic.

Definition of Afloat

floating | Covered with water bearing floating articles; flooded. | Out at sea.
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