Afraid In A Sentence

How To Use Afraid In A Sentence?

  • The father and the aunt circled about as if they were afraid of interfering with the girl.
  • They entertained little, and always with a definite object which they were not afraid to disclose.
  • I am afraid that I must have seemed very discourteous, but this has all been so amazing.
  • Niclaus was somewhat afraid of the Frenchman on account of his tempers, which were awful.
  • I declare I don't know where I am, and am afraid to find myself in the young ladies' bedrooms.
  • I am afraid I shall be thought very unfeeling; I am not aware that I was, nevertheless.
  • Stafford answers at once that he did think of it, only he was afraid of missing him on the deck in the dark.
  • What he was afraid of in the coming night was sleeplessness and the endless strain of that wearisome task.
  • Surely, the author of such a passage cannot be accused of being afraid to make concessions to his opponents.
  • All that she wanted just then was to get away by herself, so afraid was she that the tears so near her eyelids might pop out at any moment.
  • He was afraid in the revulsion of feeling of flinging himself on her hands, which were lying on her lap, and covering them with kisses.
  • After all, whatever came, she would not let them think that she was either afraid of life or disappointed in love.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Afraid | Afraid Sentence

  • Do not be afraid to speak.
  • I really was afraid of him.
  • She had been afraid of his savage temper.
  • She was almost afraid of the effect of her words.
  • But some people are afraid of ghost stories.
  • I was afraid of meeting fairies or elves.
  • I was afraid he might have been vexed by hearing.
  • Why, you are afraid to speak to your brother.
  • Pep was not afraid to venture anywhere or address anybody.
  • I was afraid of Chrysis.
  • I am afraid to say the Sophists.
  • She was not in the least afraid of what Stephen might do.
  • I am never afraid of a surprise when Bruno is with me.
  • But I am afraid you must excuse her absence from dinner.
  • I confess that I am almost afraid of the great moment.
  • I was afraid he loiter'd here.
  • I'm afraid you are not aware of his value.
  • She was afraid your father wouldn't like it.
  • They were afraid to venture alone about the forlorn black-looking chambers.
  • He was so afraid he'd get moved to another battalion.
  • But I'm afraid of mischief.
  • Was you afraid I'd break my contract with you?
  • Now, for the first time, Helen was really afraid, afraid for her friend.
  • I had the jest alone; for I alone Knew what he was afraid of.
  • He was, I am certain, afraid to trust himself to speak, or to remain near me.
  • I am a little afraid of myself--will you go away?
  • I am afraid they are frightened now,--do you think so?
  • Land knows why we're all so afraid to show our joyful side to the world.

Definition of Afraid

(usually used predicatively, not attributively) Impressed with fear or apprehension; in fear. | (colloquial) regretful, sorry
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