After Having In A Sentence

How To Use After Having In A Sentence?

  • Off they went and after having gone some distance were quite at a loss as to where they were.
  • After having finished their first attack they returned to face each other for the second.
  • He observed that some children would steal after having been regularly baptized.
  • The women departed after having once more expressed their opinion all around concerning me.
  • Staffer had had this seen to, after having had difficulty with his latchkey one night.
  • After having been thridded through the palaces, we had a few moments left for the grounds.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For After Having | After Having Sentence

  • After having done so he hungered for it again.
  • After having summoned the accused to take his trial.
  • After having read it, he kissed it.
  • It is unlucky to turn back after having once started out.
  • It is hard, after having fought such a battle.
  • And after having said this, he shut the door.
  • He would be hungry immediately after having a full meal.
  • To live, after having so often nearly died.
  • Jacques jumped on the roof, after having firmly secured it.
  • How she must suffer, after having stooped to ask for aid!
  • After having walked for some time, Honorine stopped.
  • She entered, after having thrown an angry glance at Luquin.
  • After having heard his story, I gave him a dollar.
  • Larry felt very happy after having met Ben and Gilbert.
  • After having submitted to her thanks, Madam Bovary left.
  • The butler had crossed himself after having escorted him in.
  • Pablo was filled with remorse after having engaged himself for the polka.
  • After having the game in his hands he was in danger of losing it.
  • After having risen from the water their flight is very swift and strong.
  • It would be a crime to deprive them after having accustomed them to luxury.
  • You feel like kissing yourself after having smoked one of them.
  • After having seen him in the plaza they had asked their friends to present him.
  • After having proved her sincerity, she was accepted as a pupil.
  • After having explored all this area, we returned to the camp.
  • They felt assured that he would not back down after having gone so far.
  • Maulevrier began to believe it time to reap after having so well sown.
  • After having lost all she valued, what did she care for the future?
  • Most of them were blinking and mind-stiff after having slept the clock around.
  • The man lived fifteen minutes after having fallen from the train.
  • After having enumerated all these differences, could we not reduce them?
  • Here we stopped after having traveled some ten leagues toward the southwest.
  • Mix the liquids after having dissolved the salts, and filter.
  • I say this after having given the matter much careful thought.
  • After having made a hasty meal, we accompanied him to his village.
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