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  • Maildune was disturbed and sad after hearing this.
  • After hearing all the facts I declined to act.
  • Eighth week, fatigue after hearing piano-playing (160).
  • I am certain that he slept pretty soundly after hearing that address.
  • A great discussion arose among the natives after hearing this.
  • After hearing of such generosity the world will talk of nothing else.
  • After hearing the proposals, a motion will be in order that they be approved.
  • Dick, however, after hearing her excited outcry, had whipped out a penknife.
  • Then after hearing the servant's message, she made an excuse and left me.
  • But after hearing what Jack read I'd just like to bet that was the thief boat.

How To Use After Hearing In A Sentence?

  • It was possible for him to repeat difficult compositions after hearing them played only once.
  • Men who at first questioned the truth of his wonderful adventures gave in after hearing him talk.
  • If after hearing this explanation you do not wish to go forward, this is the time to let me know.
  • The women returned in confusion, after hearing him preach of the mysteries of our sacred law.
  • His parents, after hearing his story, give him a candle with which to see his wife.
  • Solon, after hearing one of her poems, prayed that he might not die until he had learned it.
  • A moment after hearing the report, however, the three young soldiers were on their feet.
  • He had not seen Pleasance since she had escaped from the room after hearing his explanation.
  • Dexter pulled all the harder after hearing this proposal, and Bob uttered a moan.
  • Even after hearing the account of the conflict, the Grand Master did not abate his displeasure.
  • After hearing Narcisse blow out the light and get into bed, Charlie lay perfectly still.
  • Don Manoel, after hearing this translated, rose, and Beausire returned the case to the jeweler.
  • Mr. Widemann gave me a guide; for, after hearing everything, I wanted to see everything.
  • After hearing what she chooses to write in her defence, a vote is taken on sustaining the impeachment.
  • Only her misfortune was to have a furiously jealous husband, and they say he went mad after hearing the verdict.
  • He commenced to give us a specimen, but after hearing one verse there arose a cry of universal execration.
  • One minute after hearing us shout, the natives with the wagons must have been unable to see a sign of us.
  • After hearing the evidence, the grand jury endorse upon the bill their judgment of the truth or falsehood of the charge.
  • He could retain as many as a hundred and eighty lines of verse, after hearing them twice, or sometimes even once.
  • He had changed his mind considerably after hearing all these things in the line of a convincing argument, as mentioned by Hugh.
  • It would look significant after hearing his report, and he could get a train to Edinburgh farther on.
  • The neighbor, after hearing these and many other claims, decides the case, giving the ball to the boy whom he finds to be the owner.
  • A special panel quickly supplied a jury, which, after hearing the evidence, returned in short order a verdict of guilty.
  • It was what any man might say, after hearing such a story as hers, yet it was the last thing she had thought of, and the last thing she wanted.
  • After hearing all the witnesses on both sides, the Kazi directed the woman to remain at his house and all the rest to return next day.
  • But after hearing your story of the attempted spiking, I am beginning to think that the job is almost too much for us to handle.
  • After hearing his statement, I looked very grave, and appeared for some time to be wrapped in profound meditation.
  • And the House, after hearing his glowing account of the wonderful achievements of our airmen, readily voted the money.
  • After hearing this talk Henry burnt with a desire to obtain his freedom and warn Haldimand of what was coming.
  • My father, after hearing the evidence, which was not denied, and the price having been fairly offered and accepted, could only decide one way.
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