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  • She had sent that telegram after leaving this apartment.
  • How were the animals preserved after leaving the ark?
  • I mean, after leaving school.
  • Chappel was killed two days after leaving us.
  • After leaving the river flats the country was poor.
  • They had a short walk after leaving the car to the academy.
  • After leaving me, he ordered his troops forward.
  • He died two years after, leaving me to her care.
  • After leaving the latter place, we had to travel by coach.
  • He went away shortly after, leaving us much comforted.
  • Medicine he never practised after leaving Stuttgard.
  • Their descent, after leaving the mining country, was rapid.
  • Soon after leaving Munroe, we passed a large plantation.
  • After leaving the Dean I once more considered my condition.
  • Our first night after leaving Gap was spent at Embrun.
  • We stayed two days only in Rome after leaving Frascati.
  • We made a round of pleasure after leaving West Point.
  • I gave up journalism altogether after leaving N. O.
  • After leaving the Red Sea, where shall we proceed?
  • After leaving Ravinia I proceeded to get lost in the woods.
  • After leaving New York, we no longer hugged the coast.
  • After leaving little Louis, Amy pedalled along leisurely.
  • IV Shortly after leaving Italy Attila suddenly died.
  • But he does not know where you went and what you did after leaving him.
  • Many have no inclination for athletics after leaving school.
  • He smiled as he went on his way after leaving the girl to rest.
  • After leaving the lake we entered a muskeg that extended for miles.
  • We drew away into calmer latitudes after leaving that whirlwind of a town.
  • Soon after leaving the church a rustic swain hailed me and asked for a match.
  • Soon after leaving the town they passed a caravan of forty carts carrying tea.
  • A minute or two after leaving the town the light horse galloped past.
  • We therefore, after leaving this place, visited various localities.
  • Soon after leaving Smyrna the ship stopped at a port of disinfection.
  • I remember how I returned in gloomy spirits after leaving him there.
  • Three days after leaving this they met a large body of Shoshones.

How To Use After Leaving In A Sentence?

  • They had not long to wait after leaving the water hole where they had replenished their supply.
  • The fifth day after leaving the camp they sighted the pitted shores of their own diggings.
  • In the first two years after leaving school it is said that they have forgotten everything.
  • After leaving it to cool for 24 hours the pit will be found nearly full of charcoal.
  • After leaving the vicinity of the farm, the boys had a distance of thirteen miles to cover.
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