After That In A Sentence

How To Use After That In A Sentence?

  • After that they were very sorry for themselves.
  • What did she say after that?
  • After that they were friends.
  • Bob was quiet after that.
  • After that he spoke no more.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For After That | After That Sentence

  • After that we were suspicious.
  • After that she was silent.
  • After that it was a nightmare.
  • After that it was not so bad.
  • After that they were sure.
  • He did not get up after that.
  • I was out after that girl.
  • How quickly it was over after that!
  • What shall we have after that?
  • What happened after that?
  • And after that all was quiet.
  • After that they ate.
  • You look after that will you?
  • They did not do any talking after that.
  • After that was the workhouse.
  • And after that the dark!
  • It was all over in a minute after that.
  • After that they went.
  • After that who came in?
  • After that all was confusion.
  • After that it was contaminated.
  • After that they had no trouble.
  • Eveley only spoke once after that.
  • After that you will be advanced.
  • And after that lunch!
  • After that it was all very easy.
  • There can be no doubt after that.
  • And what days after that!
  • After that he will be in the way!
  • After that he fidgeted.
  • After that it was easy.
  • After that we will see.
  • And after that moment it was not so any more.
  • And on the morning after that.
  • It was my turn after that.
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