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  • But she had returned after watching for a few minutes.
  • After watching them a while longer, we went down to read.
  • Chi, after watching them a little while, left the room.
  • After watching him for a few seconds, he turned to Nancy.
  • After watching her for some time, he took his measures for her capture.
  • CLANDON (puzzled and rather troubled; after watching her for a moment).

How To Use After Watching In A Sentence?

  • Most of the promenaders had turned down the pier again, after watching out the steamer.
  • Sophy, after watching him for a moment in astonishment, slipped out of the room.
  • After watching it for a minute he went down again, remarking the game would soon be finished.
  • After watching the boat until it returned to the vessel, the old man went toward the statehouse.
  • Still, no doubt, after watching my efforts in the hold, he felt himself warranted.
  • The leader, after watching her for a moment, turned away and swung off, muttering.
  • After watching the progress of the new nest, I went to see what had become of the old one.
  • In the meanwhile Harry, after watching the car depart toward Hempstead, concluded to follow.
  • There was no smoke about her funnel, and after watching her for a few moments he did not think she moved.
  • After watching for a while, we walked about and saw several adjacent temples, marked by their spaciousness.
  • She had come on the pretext of looking at rooms for next year, but after watching the scene in the garden had hurried away.
  • After watching her for a long time, he saw her eyes slowly open, and there was a sweetness about them that filled him with joy.
  • They had not seen us; and, after watching them disappear among the barren hillocks, we went back to our camp for dinner.
  • And Kashkine, after watching her during one day and night, retreated, gallantly leaving the field to her.
  • Yet no one but Hamlen knew the agony of loneliness he had experienced when, after watching the steamer disappear, he returned to his empty villa.
  • Charley and Lew instantly slipped behind trees, and after watching the men until they were lost to sight, struck off toward their camp.
  • Finally, on the 27th, after watching their operations a while from the ground, I swung myself into the tree, and took a seat with them.
  • After watching others for a time, Harry took half a dozen shots at one of the figures, which he struck four times.
  • After watching her for a few minutes, Andrew seemed satisfied and they went below, where Whitney lighted the stove.
  • After watching Jim for a few minutes, Ralph pulled off his coat also, and began to assist his employee.
  • After watching the approaching stranger for some time the lieutenant and midshipman returned with the intelligence to the farm-house where the captain and several of the other officers were quartered.
  • After watching the fish for sometime I decided to go to Something Fishy which was just around the corner.
  • Osceola departed, and presently old Sam, after watching Bill for a moment, hobbled off in the opposite direction.
  • After watching through some years of this disorganization, he emerged from the peaceful retirement of his country home, to urge that some means be taken to form a more perfect union.
  • It appeared to puzzle him, for he even twisted about to get a better view; but after watching me for about five minutes he contentedly turned his head away.
  • After watching them for some time he decided to leave the charge, which was heavy and cumbersome, and make a wide circuit inland, so as to get to the viaduct unseen.
  • After watching the British-Indian fleet passing up the river, they turned back to the site of the Wyoming fort and the houses near it.
  • After watching him for about fifteen minutes, during which he made a great fuss about his headache, I was quite sure it was the diary that interested him.
  • After watching the felling of several trees, the boys essayed trimming, and while they were by no means unskillful at it, caused many a laugh among the men because of the time they took.
  • Mr. Weston stepped back into the house after watching the children until a bend in the road concealed them from view, and sat down for a moment before going out to the field.
  • After watching the two women disappear down the long, rubber-carpeted corridor, he began to pace the small, spotlessly neat office in which he had been asked to wait.
  • He raised one hand, attempting a friendly gesture; but the creature, after watching him for a moment with wide eyes, bounded swiftly away into the woods.
  • That evening, after watching the flight of the swallows, the Blackbird flew from the fir to his favourite branch on the lime, where we were first introduced to him.
  • After watching the shells holing houses, we start working our way round to the south through empty streets, keeping close to the house-fronts and taking cover when bullets whisper a warning.
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