Afterglow In A Sentence

Definition of Afterglow

The glow seen in the sky after sunset. | The light emitted by an incandescent object while cooling. | The light emitted by a phosphor after excitation.

How To Use Afterglow In A Sentence?

  • He felt the calm afterglow which comes to the general after a successfully conducted battle.
  • And that yellow-gray desert landscape with the flaming afterglow and purple mists.
  • The rose of the afterglow lay upon the water, tipping the silvery ripples with soft colour.
  • The afterglow had deepened into evening dusk when at length we came within sight of Metlili.
  • With her spirits dancing in the afterglow of such vocal exercise, she marched after the others down to the hall below.
  • Then he was past the gloom of the cove, the water was alight with the afterglow and little choppy waves dashed against him.
  • Jerry murmured, as the afterglow of a prairie sunset flooded the sky with a splendor of rose and opal and amethyst.
  • The last lingering rays of the sun idealized the surrounding fields and woods with that wonderful afterglow seen only at the close of day.
  • And then she sat looking straight before her, while her face might be likened to the evening sky when the afterglow is catching the clouds.
  • You came into my dream that day beneath the willow in gold brocade, with afterglow behind you and an ancient boat.
  • Stunted trees, standing out against the crimson afterglow of the sky, assumed weird and fantastic shapes.
  • The maid was leaning back against the tree, looking up at the sky, where the first red of the afterglow was spreading.
  • For, his alone was the palette of the painter of the afterglow of Earth's last sunset.
  • He met Elsa just as the afterglow disappeared and the parching night came down like a star dotted curtain.
  • The afterglow had faded slowly into the blue dusk of night; only a faint thread of gold still lingered beyond the cedars on the western horizon.
  • And when the tomb was finished the sun had already set, but the afterglow was rosy on the huge bulk of Pan.
  • A gentle afterglow of salmon-pink rested over the palace and city; the forest turned to a frame of smoky, brownish black.
  • The last pale gleam of the afterglow had faded, and the blue of the sky, deepening and darkening, was pierced with the thronging stars.
  • Not until their pipes were going, and the red afterglow was shrouding the fading day, did he mention what he had learned at Datil.
  • It was the afterglow of the sunset, a red-and-orange glory fading into the blue-black velvet of a Caribbean twilight.
  • In the last lingering afterglow of dying day, a face, haggard and set, showed there, framed in the lead casement.
  • Still in the afterglow of composition, Hal, tinkering lightly with the proofs, felt a hand on his shoulder.
  • Now Edward Cossey was not lacking in that afterglow of refinement which is left by a course of public school and university education.
  • The afterglow had not faded from the sky when Roger returned to the camp, after helping Charley with her chores.
  • Lit by the afterglow of the setting August sun, the little town of Valoise lay spread before them ...
  • There was still a tinge of afterglow reflected in its many-paned windows, and among the young feathery leafage of the old sycamore sparrows were preparing to go to bed.
  • A veil of amber light hangs like a curtain overhead and changes to orange and again to apricot as the afterglow sweeps the sky before darkness falls like the curtain on a scene at the theatre.
  • In the convent we could bask for a fortnight in the afterglow of a good recitation, and the memory of a brilliant essay would abide, as it were, for months.
  • The afterglow in the sky turned the mud-colored water into a golden sheen, and the wind-distorted trees on the higher banks and ridges were weirdly silhouetted against the colored sky.
  • Lower the sun sank, till only the ruddiness of the afterglow lit the expanse with rosy light; then this failed in turn, and the night shut down quickly.
  • Nevertheless, there was a sort of afterglow of summer, which was further intensified by the beautiful flowers in the window-boxes and by the fresh, clean, fragrant atmosphere of the house itself.
  • The evening star shot out its white spears, glowing and radiant, long before the light had gone, or the purple and golden afterglow had faded into twilight.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Afterglow | Afterglow Sentence

  • Remarkable afterglow first seen.
  • The afterglow of sunset was gorgeous in the west.
  • Long years after she was to catch the afterglow of that day of her rebirth.
  • Weave a rosy bow of promise, Like the afterglow of rain.

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