Against What In A Sentence

How To Use Against What In A Sentence?

  • But it mattered not what remained when set over against what had been taken away.
  • Dolly was right; but it is awkward to preach against what you practise yourself.
  • The god-car had landed against what was either the ceiling or the floor of the circular room.
  • I swear to you that, as set against what we will essay, all we have done is trivial.
  • Captain Winstanley had set his face against what he called miscellaneous charity.
  • What was left of the old was fighting valiantly, but hopelessly, against what had come of the new.
  • She lay there for hours, weighing what he had said to her against what Christopher had said.
  • Koga was the chief stronghold on the North, against what was left of the Uesugi power.
  • She could not understand why she did not at once protest against what she felt to be an unnatural suggestion.
  • Parents and guardians were inclined to rail against what they had previously praised the boys for doing.
  • It represents my rebellion and the rebellion of my class against what you choose to call here law and order.
  • Sarah, who was surprised that her uncle did not make some protest against what she considered reckless speed.
  • She had to do the best she could about things; she could not spend herself in rebellion against what she had to meet.
  • Against what vice does he awaken the indignation of his readers, or what folly does he expose to their contempt?
  • I can judge of nothing except by consulting them, and it is not in my power to judge against what they represent to me.
  • The ancient knight set his lance in rest against what seemed to him the wrongs and evils of the world.
  • The big hayrick particularly was defined with curious clearness against what seemed to be a glow in the sky.
  • The elements themselves seemed to be in conspiracy against what had once been the greatest power in Europe.
  • They deserve a place in this volume because they demonstrate why and against what France is fighting.
  • Ames propped himself up against what was left of the bridge and directed the gunners while we made the best speed we could with our single boiler.
  • Fred turned around to return when he struck his toe against what appeared to be a projecting rock, and fell headlong.
  • It comes from her father; she can't help rebelling against what seem to her unjust restraints.
  • He had no idea what progress he was making, and it seemed ages before his hand came against what he thankfully realized was the bark of a tree.
  • They are of one mind in warning against what the world and the flesh can offer, against the pursuit of riches, power and lust.
  • I quite sympathise with the rage of the English democracy against what they call the vices of the upper orders.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Against What | Against What Sentence

  • Protection against what?
  • Cry not out against what had to be.
  • Feelings of displeasure against what is wrong.
  • The question was, against what?
  • Jisuke assured them against what was actual fact.
  • Against whom, and against what may I be your protector?
  • It's what I say against what you've been told to believe.
  • But against what?
  • Sumner fulminated against what he called the oligarchs of slavery.
  • Friends warned him against what appeared to be a scattering of his energies.
  • Against what followed, the chances were at least a thousand to one.
  • To sleep and live in the air is an insurance against what we call taking cold.
  • Cease, then, frail mortal, to dispute against what thou oughtest to adore.
  • I lay where I fell, and the men leaned against what was nearest them.
  • Against what?--himself?
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