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  • That was your age when you married me.
  • This is not an age when enmity is very rampant.
  • This is the age when anthropomorphism flourishes.
  • He had reached the age when appetite is only a memory.
  • She was only twenty three years of age when she died.
  • He was twenty-seven years of age when sentenced.
  • He was at an age when men take on flesh easily.
  • He was only twenty years of age when the Revolution began.
  • Handel was eleven years of age when he went to Berlin.
  • Peter Paul was ten years of age when his father died.
  • And oure lady was of age, when sche dyed, 72 zeer.
  • You're just the age when it may be very useful to you.
  • You were of an age when most people still thought of you as a child.
  • He was just eighteen years of age when he came to the throne.
  • You are now at the age when you should no longer wait to choose your bride.
  • She was now at that age when feminine loveliness is perhaps most attractive.
  • Hubert was twelve years of age when he followed his brother to the grave.
  • He lived in an age when avenues of business were utilized by the rich.
  • He was twenty-two years of age when he received the sentence.
  • You are now at the age when most young men think of settling down for life.
  • She was of an age when sorrow cannot long hold sway over the heart.
  • Vivian was at an age when stern justice appears more attractive than mercy.
  • But do you know, that is an age when men are very hard to manage?
  • Haydn was sixty-five years of age when he undertook the great work of his life.
  • He was with me at the balancing age, when a chap becomes a man or a rotter.
  • He had got past the age when a man burns for revenge and that sort of thing.
  • At an age when most women are withered crones, she still broke hearts.
  • He was at the age when one grew lonely, when one naturally married.

How To Use Age When In A Sentence?

  • He was just at the age when one is most sensitive to patronage and most resentful of it.
  • He was at just the age when the glitter and tinsel of public amusements are most attractive.
  • Jerrold was but twenty-five years of age when he wrote this the first of his dramas.
  • But such simple devices are hardly practicable in an age when history is scientifically studied.
  • We live in an age when men treat art as if it were meant to be a form of autobiography.
  • My nephew has arrived at an age when he requires to be trained to a higher degree of cultivation.
  • He would be about 23 years of age when the royal favour was thus vouchsafed to him.
  • Now he was of an age when most boys were thieving for themselves, and he owed money like a man.
  • But such theological inconsistencies probably go back to the age when the book was first composed.
  • But the enemy was strong, and it was an age when right could only be held by might.
  • He lived in an age when men had learning enough to despise the trickery of worldly monks.
  • At an age when people have as yet no ideas at all, he overflowed with wrong ones.
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