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  • An ageless wisdom, with the sweetness and purity of the child Felicia's gaze.

How To Use Ageless In A Sentence?

  • And yet there was in the depths of her steady brown eyes a sort of ageless wisdom that made him feel awkward and immature.
  • The moments are ever challenging the eternal, the swift and busy hours fling their gauntlets at the feet of the ageless things.
  • It was not that she looked young, he realized while he watched her, but that she looked ageless and immortal, a creature of the spirit.
  • This poem has the swing, the vigor, the spontaneity, and, above all, the ageless simplicity of the true narrative ballad.
  • The brown, expressionless, ageless eyes, that remind me of a monkey's, or of onyx, wait for me.
  • His feet went shifting with them ... running down vistas of ageless memory that woke terror by their sheer immensity of distance....
  • He resembled so undeniably the gardeners in that ageless chronicle of Alice that Caroline smiled approvingly upon him.
  • She had been young in those days; now she felt an old woman, with all the sense of ageless age which the young feel after a transition from one kind of life to another.

Definition of Ageless

(relative to past) Having existed for so great a period of time that its longevity cannot be expressed. | (relative to future) Continuing infinitely or indefinitely. | Always appearing youthful; never seeming to age.
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