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  • In English, in cooking, and child care, some agencies have attempted instruction.
  • These agencies have not labored for our own sons alone, but for those of France and Italy also.
  • In every period of social readjustment old institutions and beliefs lose their efficacy before the new social agencies have been perfected.
  • The services of social agencies have been largely in this field, and it is hoped that they may find in this book lines for increased usefulness.
  • Among the numerous forces contributing to this evolution of international peace, the chief agencies have been, and still are, moral and industrial.
  • Suppressed liberal papers are coming to life, while over twenty Anfu subsidized newspapers and two subsidized news agencies have gone out of being.
  • The fact is that while really sound and thorough case work cannot be done without such information, few agencies have such information, and all devices for accumulating it should be made use of.
  • But meanwhile, other agencies have been discovered, and other forms of apparatus invented, until the branch of knowledge relating to illumination has become both a science and an art.
  • In other cities, however, notably New York and Boston, case-work agencies have given up the employment of the visiting housekeepers.
  • It is unquestionably true, however, that great oscillatory movements, such as described above, and which can only be attributed to subterranean agencies, have frequently taken and are still taking place.
  • Several agencies have been active in this work of breaking down the rocks and making soils of them.
  • All case-work agencies have had to grapple with the problem of families suffering this deprivation.
  • These masses, which are sinking lower and lower, in spite of existing agencies, have little to distinguish them from the "dangerous classes" of London, Paris, or New York, except that they are more drunken and dirty.
  • The scientist looking at this stone sees in it not only that mechanical and chemical agencies have cooperated in the work of its formation, but that animal life itself may have been the chief agency in bringing the materials together and giving form to the peculiar architecture employed in its formation.
  • All these agencies have great value; but I think few of us realize that nature, through the laws of evolution, has long been working to produce a brave and strong, healthy and hardy race of men and women by other methods than those health habits which most of us value so highly.
  • Agencies have now been opened in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Norwich, Birmingham and Glasgow; and a member of the staff has been sent out to take charge of the School of Art-Needlework in Philadelphia.
  • Think you that, if it had been better for our spiritual probation that there should be neither great nor lowly, rich nor poor, Providence would not so have ordered the dispensations of the world, and so, by its mysterious but merciful agencies, have influenced the framework and foundations of society?
  • Sometimes indeed they become at once intelligible from the historical records connected with them, proving that human agencies have been at work acting as transporting media, within a period comparatively recent; whilst at others, the fact of the creature having been endowed with self-diffusive powers to an extravagant degree may succeed equally in rendering the phaenomena explicable.
  • As regards positive structure, indeed, we can have but few observations to communicate,--seeing that the limbs and appendages themselves are usually of so constant a nature, that disturbing agencies have little or no power to divert them from their typical states.
  • Two agencies have thus far been described as engaged in the work of fomenting the rebellion: the first, secret societies of individuals, like "The 1860 Association," designed to excite the masses and create public sentiment; the second, a secret league of Southern governors and other State functionaries, whose mission it became to employ the governmental machinery of States in furtherance of the plot.
  • The requirements and experiences of our soldiers and sailors have been elemental, and these agencies have sought to meet them with a simple, earnest, uncontroversial Gospel,--the common denominator, if it may so be called, of our American Christianity.
  • Lastly, as it might happen that some of the many concurring agencies have been unknown or overlooked, the conclusions of ratiocination must be _

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  • "How many agencies have we lost?"
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