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Definition of Aggregations

plural of aggregation

How To Use Aggregations In A Sentence?

  • Large aggregations of many cells into one cluster are the latest development of pueblo architecture.
  • Besides these, there are many other groups and aggregations of stars which adorn the celestial vault and enhance the beauty of the heavens.
  • This moulding of them into intense aggregations had much to do with Renoir's fullness of form.
  • They are, for the most part, discrete, with a tendency here and there to form solid aggregations or areas.
  • As the disease progresses, variously-sized and shaped aggregations or patches result, covered with thin and imperfectly-formed epidermis.
  • It occurs as small, raised, isolated, yellowish nodules, or as patches made up of aggregations of millet-seed-sized or larger tubercles.
  • The nucleus often appears to contain a complexity of fibrils, transitory aggregations of which have been supposed to cause the appearance of nucleoli.
  • Galileo has left a delightful description of his surprise and gratification when he aimed his telescope at this curious cluster and other similar aggregations of stars and discovered what they really were.
  • The same business conditions which have produced the great aggregations of corporate and individual wealth have made them very potent factors in international commercial competition.
  • It is assumed by those who advocate this policy that there is no real conflict of interests between the capitalists who control the present-day aggregations of corporate wealth and the general public.
  • If we consider what are the chief centres of discontent throughout the civilised world, we shall find that they are the great aggregations of population in wealthy industrial countries.
  • There is no more reason why aggregations of people should have the right of murder, destruction, piracy, and pillage, than that individuals should have such right.
  • In both cases the result is so rude that no sound inference of sequence can be drawn from the study of individual examples, but in the study of large aggregations of rooms we find some clues.
  • Such creatures form the lowest of all animals and plants; but the overwhelming majority of living creatures are formed of aggregations of cells which cohere and fuse together in various ways.
  • The smallest particles of a given compound are therefore exactly alike in the number and kinds of atoms which they contain, and larger masses of the substances are simply aggregations of these least particles.
  • By a method called 'star-gauging' he accomplished an entire survey of the heavens and examined minutely all the stars in their groups and aggregations as they passed before his eye in the field of the telescope.

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